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Two minutes a day to better lymphatic health

Did you know that you can dramatically improve your health in just two minutes each day, no
exercise required, simply by stimulating your lymphatic system?

Let’s learn about the lymphatic system

Want to know why you’re feeling heavy, hormonal, inflamed, tired, and toxic?

Your lymphatic system may be to blame!

A slow build-up of cellular waste, like stress hormones, fats, acids, and other chemicals toxins, can limit your lymphatic systems ability to clean your body, organs, and brain.

And what moves waste and fat? A healthy lymphatic system.

The good news is, it’s an easy fix! All you have to do is stroke your chest and wiggle your boobs for two minutes a day. I’ll show you how.

Want to learn more? Visit our Lymphatic Education page

Meet Chelsey

It is hard to believe that, with all our medical advances, so little is known or understood about the body’s lymphatic system.

Working as a sports therapist massaging my clients, my focus was on the muscular system. During many massages, I felt a heavy, rocky, thick substance when I massaged other parts of the body. It felt different.

I realised it was lymph. I began adding my own style of lymphatic drainage to my massage sessions, and something awesome occurred. My patients’ health improved dramatically!

Today, my goal is to teach the world about the importance of the lymphatic system. By massaging key areas on your body for just two minutes a day with my special lymphatic massage gloves, especially your boobs, you will dramatically improve your health.

If you want to feel in control, full of energy, happy and healthy, and perhaps shift a few kilos ofstubborn weight in the process, the answer could be in my lymphatic drainage massage gloves,creams, sprays, sponges, and sequenced lymphatic flow.

To learn more watch Chelsey’s educational videos here

Why use my lymphatic massage gloves daily?

There are so many benefits to massaging your lymphatic system daily with my massage gloves. It only takes two minutes and can help you to:

Keep fitLook fantastic

Overcome illness

Lower your risk of disease

Help to move waste and fat

Best of all, you can use your glove anywhere – straight after exercise, in front of the TV, in the shower, in the car – they’re small and easily transportable.

Massaging should include your arms, shoulders, legs, back, buttocks, chest, and stomach.



The Hair Test made my choice of foods so EASY, no more guessing what is right for my body. The List of Brand named foods I can eat & drink, toothpaste etc has taken the pressure off, a lot less stressed. My energy level, weight, skin and wellbeing have all improved.


Averil Stilwel

My Health has improved so much, i now have life back thanks to you!

Averil Stilwel

Kylie Pinwil

I’ve had a noticeable improvement after each treatment …

Kylie Pinwil


These gloves and cream from Chelsey are the best money I have ever spent on myself. I feel so alive after using them. The whole decision to use this has now motivated me to get back on track with my eating and exercising. After 2 weeks my husband even said you are starting to lose the cellulite on your bottom. Yes love it. Don’t keep thinking I might give this a go just do it.


Jo N

I’ve been contemplating a review for weeks, because words escape me. Something real, and special happens when you visit Chelsey. She has the talent, the training, the knowledge and the know how to improve YOUR health. Individual analysis and program suited to you and your body now. I was diagnosed with ‘Fibro’ in 2008, & though I’ve come out of the fog, age & lethargy got in the way.

Something happened on my first visit with Chels, the penny dropped, I fully understood and she found the remaining pieces to the puzzle. Fast forward 12 weeks, I haven’t felt better, clearer, and lighter, sounds cliche, but it’s real. I had a hair analysis & now know foods to steer clear of & what to embrace, no biggie, I massage my lymphatics at home I go on the Normatec – love love love this, it makes everything feel lighter & brighter (after my deep deep sleep – sorry about taking up bed time girls), and 2 sessions now on the Electrotherapy Body Sculpting, I honestly walk out feeling taller, leaner, lighter & refreshed.

If I could give 20 out of 10 stars I would because Chelsey is not only passionate about what she does, she has the experience & expertise to support the work she does. What are you waiting for, the new improved and healthy you is waiting for you, you’ve nothing to lose but lethargy, lack of vibrancy, dullness & weight!

Thanks Chelsey for getting me this far in such short time.

Jo N

Roslyn Marie Joy Regan

Before I took responsibility back for my health I was fat constantly fatigued, suffering hormonal imbalances and lost. But i am learning to show myself the love I deserve and that is my game changer ❤ thanks Chelsey Jean for your support

Roslyn Marie Joy Regan

Melanie Bell

Totally loving my LymFATics hand gloves. The magnetic roller side is so relaxing and therapeutic. Theres something about the rolling feeling that is super nice. WINNING!!

Melanie Bell

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My products, and special sequence system, will change your life.

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