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Your Lymphatic Journey
To Better Health Begins Here

Your Lymphatic Journey
To Better Health Begins Here

New? Start Here!

New to the world of lymphatics? Look no further! Dive into our comprehensive guide that demystifies the lymphatic system and teaches you how to get started on your journey to better health. From simple self-care practices to understanding the benefits of lymphatic massage, this guide is your go-to resource for unlocking the secrets of this vital system. Explore, learn, and embark on a path to wellness today!

Do You Have The Symptoms?

Early detection is the key to addressing lymphatic concerns. Symptoms like persistent fatigue, bloating, swollen glands, and frequent colds might signal a stressed lymphatic system. Understanding these signs is crucial to promptly restoring balance, ensuring optimal health and well-being. Don’t let these subtle warnings go unnoticed; prioritizing your lymphatic health starts with recognizing the symptoms.

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Jeanna BrookerJeanna Brooker
03:00 16 Nov 23
Very professional & know their stuff, yet relaxed and friendly. Most importantly I'm enjoying the results of treatment. Highly recommend this team. I'm blessed to have Nicky who has years of experience in so many areas of health and wellness.
Natalie DeanNatalie Dean
21:26 27 Oct 23
Highly recommend the Chelsey Jean workshop and VIP event. Chelsey and her staff are so friendly and have so much knowledge. Chelsey has such a beautiful heart, is open to sharing all she knows as she wants you to succeed. Thanks Chelsey and team x
Claire TaylorClaire Taylor
09:09 26 Oct 23
I absolutely love the Chelsey Jean sequence. I discovered Chelsey and her sequence 4 years ago.. it has helped me on my own Lymphatic journey. Since then. I have attended the Lymphatics Alive Workshop and become a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Practitioner which is a added modality to my business as a Remedial Massage Therapist.Chelsey delivers a sequence that can be easily taught and done at home.
Andrea JenkinsAndrea Jenkins
09:10 23 Oct 23
I could not recommend Chelsea Jean and her staff enough. She is warm kind and supportive in every way. I walked out on cloud nine. I could not recommend her enough ❤️
Vicki StenzelVicki Stenzel
11:32 04 Oct 23
Carolyn was sooo lovely she answered all my Questions on lymphatic massage, and more, I had little idea of most of information. The massage itself was truly wonderful and the compression part was also actually enjoyable, walked out feeling relaxed but energised, definitely going again. Thankyou ladies
Cate McDonaldCate McDonald
03:02 19 Sep 23
I was stressed when I arrived but Nicky soon took all that away with her expert remedial massage technique. The compression treatment was also incredible. I felt fabulous afterwards!
Bernadette NeilBernadette Neil
12:01 13 Sep 23
I look forward to my fortnightly visit to CJ at Capalaba as part of foundation membership.Ali is so amazing as massage and knowledge. I have been using CJ products for almost a year. In that time my whole body no longer aches from swollen, hard and fluidy tissues. The gloves and cream are the best home treatment and so easy to use to maintain the clinic visits.
ingrid vanderaaingrid vanderaa
03:47 08 Sep 23
Fantastic experience using the self lymphatic massage by Chelsey Jean Lymphatics. She makes it fun as well!!
Agnieszka NerćAgnieszka Nerć
02:33 08 Sep 23
Friendly and knowledgeable people with effective approach to health. They are doing great job! 5 stars!
Sharna O'ConnellSharna O'Connell
11:28 06 Sep 23
Carolynn EcclesCarolynn Eccles
09:47 06 Sep 23
I’ve been dealing with a number of health issues over the past few years. I’ve decided to give Chelsey Jean Lymphatic’s at Capalaba a go. I’ve tried a number of the lymphatic massage services and loved them all. Today I met with the Naturopaths Anneke and Nicky to discuss my compatibility plan. They had lots of great advice and suggestions for food alternatives and meal options. The staff have all been very professional, welcoming and really knowledgeable. I highly recommend that you give them a try.
Michelle BarronMichelle Barron
11:07 14 Aug 23
Wonderful experience and would recommend.. Ali was wonderful throughout the my 12 weeks appointments. Highly knowledgeable in all areas of lymphatic massage, great massue and a fantastic personality to top it all off. Ali is a great asset to Gloria Jean ????
Lisa Lockland-BellLisa Lockland-Bell
23:04 11 Aug 23
A day with Chelsey is a life changing experience. Living with Lymphedema is troublesome and complex. Chelsey immediately gave me HOPE and answers on how to manage my lymphatic system. Highly recomended.
Geoff McDonnellGeoff McDonnell
02:02 21 Apr 23
CJ knows her stuff
Al AllenAl Allen
07:20 09 Feb 23
I’ve been attending Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Capalaba clinic weekly since October ‘22. I get results in the midst of health issues and trust their advice wholly. Get the “Hair Test” for an even better understanding of how your body processes nutrition.
Andrew KinsmoreAndrew Kinsmore
03:31 22 Oct 22
After having Chelsey Jean pop up on my socials for a few weeks and feeling sluggish and not like myself, I decided it was sign and booked an appointment at the clinic. WOW! After my first lymphatic and compression session with Ali I felt amazing. I have so much more energy, my legs no longer feel heavy, and I am sleeping better. The glove sequence is now a part of my daily routine, I will not go a day without it. Could not recommend Chelsey, Ali and all the team enough.
14:14 27 Jul 22
I’m glad I discovered Chelsey Jean Lymphatics. I attended her Lymphatics Alive workshop in July 2022. Knowledgeable, simple to understand and Fun! I like the LymFatics cream that came with my gloves. It leaves a nice smell and has an all-day moisturising feel on the skin. Thank you Chelsea x
Loretta BachmannLoretta Bachmann
03:32 09 Jul 22
I have been a client of Chelsea for about 15 years and now I drive a 4 hour round trip to visit her clinic which is a testament to her skills, knowledge and caring nature. Over the years she has helped me with my ongoing health and wellbeing both physically and mentally and maintenance. Her lymphatic glove system is amazing. It’s simple and effective and achievable for all to do at home to improve overall well being. I recently attended Chelsea’s Retreat @ Mali.retreat and it was amazing, fun and so inspiring. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she treats everyone one like family. I give her a 10 star review as 5 just doesn’t come close.
Christine VillanuevaChristine Villanueva
10:25 01 May 22
I came across Chelsey's lymphatic information via a FB feed, and was instantly intrigued based on my own research about how important our lymphatic system is to our overall well being. Watched her video about the massage, the mittens, the lotion and thought this looks to be a bit 'hocus pocus ' however I was very much engrossed in Chelsey's passion - so I thought, why not try this....Well I did...and I am completely and utterly blow away from the results - I have suffered from bloatedness for years, and since doing the massages, (daily ritual) I am no longer bloated, I look as if I have lost about 5 kilo's without even trying and I am feeling fantastic - Chelsey, you are a winner and please keep spreading the word - this WORKS people!!!!!!
Emz AEmz A
12:42 28 Apr 22
Amazing experience! Chelsey shared so much knowledge about our lymphatics, also gave me an amazing lymphatic massage. I feel refreshed! I will be going back for more treatments! I am also super excited about her workshops and will be signing up for them. Thanks so much Chelsey!
Belinda PorterBelinda Porter
00:15 02 Apr 22
Chelsey, Anneke & the team make you feel like an old friend. It’s a very accepting & supportive environment. Highly recommend the Lymphatic massage with compression, you know it is doing you good!

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