• Heavy swollen legs
  • Muscle recovery
  • Relaxation
  • Lymphatic diseases
  • Pre and Post surgery
  • Weight loss
  • Circulation
  • Increased energy
  • Lower stress levels
  • Stress reduction

Ease Into Wellness, say goodbye to discomfort, and welcome a life of healing and vitality, no matter your starting point.


Kiri M

I can’t believe I can have the Chelsey Jean massage experience at home, very cool! ! always feel l am walking on clouds after I use them.

Zane M

Playing basketball 6 times a week is hard but ever since I have started using the circulate my legs are feeling 100 times better. I’ve been using it every night for 45 minutes and have noticed the difference in my mobility and my stiffness.

Shelley P

These compression pumps are amazing. I have Lipoedema and use them for 30 minutes twice a day. My legs are feeling softer and the pain has reduced.

Neil H

After working hard each day I hour in the circulate not only makes my legs feel fresh but also calms my mind, I actually fall asleep within 5 minutes. I can now ride my bike up the hills a lot easier with less pain.

Karen B

After recently having liposuction on my legs, buttocks and hips I’ve started using my CJ&CO Circulate to reduce the inflammation and swelling, 7 days later and I am loving it, best investment ever.

Jennifer H

After having knee surgery i was quite upset and did not think I was going to be able to move freely again, with Chelsey’s recommendation i started using my Circulate daily on my hips as well as my legs, the doctors were amazed with my progress.

The CJ&CO Difference

  • Dual-User Design: Share the recovery journey with a partner thanks to our dual-user functionality exclusive to CJ&CO Circulate.
  • No Size Restrictions: Our extenders zip into the attachments adding 8cm in width, ensuring a perfect fit for every body type without the worry of size restrictions.

Backed by Science – Used by Health Professionals

“Pneumatic compression therapy using the CJ&CO Circulate is a valuable tool in my physiotherapy clinic, offering numerous physiological, mechanical, and chemical benefits. By enhancing lymphatic circulation, reducing swelling, and supporting the the immune system, LDT provides a holistic approach to managing various conditions related to lymphatic dysfunction. Its evidence-based clinical reasoning makes it a valuable treatment option in physiotherapy for a wide range of patients, from post-surgical individuals to those with chronic inflammatory conditions.”

Sujanya Iyengar – Recovery Rehab Physio

How the Circulate Helps You

New to the world of compression?

Learn the link between compression therapy and lymphatic flow from this video.

I am absolutely loving my circulate full body compression system. I use it nearly every day and so do the kids and hubby! The best for recovery after exercise and existing injuries! Highly recommend.

Renee Gibson

The Circulate helps to relive the pain in my hips and legs from being on my feet all day. After using it i feel so much better and relaxed, i also love the fact that i can use it at the same time with my parter.

Georgia C

I’ve been using the CJ&CO Circulate three times a week, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable!
The improvement in my range of motion throughout my body has been significant.

Samantha Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this video to find out what size is best for you.

This is highly personal and different for everybody. If you are new we recommend starting slow and building up to 3-4 sessions a week for over 30 minutes each.

Your Circulate warranty will last 24 months as long as you meet our terms and conditions.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all returns as long as they meet out terms and conditions.

Using the legs/shorts with the arms is the most common combo we use in the clinic for a wide range of things like lymphedema, lipedema,  lymphatic drainage, post-mastectomy swelling, general inflammation, sore/injured lower body or arms etc.

However, if it is your first few times using a compression device, please start with 1 attachment only

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