Our lungs and respiratory system is one of the many crucial systems that allows our body to not only function, but thrive. But many individuals suffer from issues with their breathing, whether this is through respiratory distress, asthma, or a number of other lung-related conditions.

If you want to elevate your lung health, try lymphatic massage on for size. You may just discover dramatic improvement to each and every breath. Here’s how.

Understanding Respiratory Challenges

If you have to work harder to breathe or are not getting enough oxygen, there’s a chance you may be experiencing some form of respiratory distress. These challenges can stem from lung issues, heart problems, infections, panic attacks, or even asthma.

While you definitely need to seek medical attention if you’re unaware of why this issue persists, if you already know you have a respiratory-related condition, there’s a number of different ways to alleviate this comfort.

But one of these many solutions is lymphatic massage.

Breathe Easier: Benefits of Lymphatic Massage Explained

If you’re looking to ease a lung-related condition, or just want to elevate your breathing, experience relief from smoking-related discomfort, or anything in between: here’s how lymphatic massage can help.

Enhancing Lymphatic Drainage:

Respiratory issues can often involve mucus buildup and inflammation in the airways. With lymphatic massage, you can stimulate lymphatic drainage, which assists in the removal of excess mucus and reduces inflammation. In turn, this can potentially make it easer for you to breathe.

Reducing Chest Tightness:

Along with uncomfortable mucus and inflammation, respiratory issues can often lead to chest tightness and discomfort. Of course, this is crucial for you to monitor. But if you want to relax your chest muscles, reduce tensions and the pain associated with these difficulties? Lymphatic drainage techniques can do exactly that.

Supporting Immune Response:

When it comes to respiratory health in general, a strong immune system is crucial. It can impact many of your body’s functions, including your lungs. Luckily, lymphatic massage works to support the immune system, aiding the body in defense against some respiratory challenges.

Improving Oxygen Intake:

For every human, efficient oxygen intake is essential for respiratory well-being. Which we’re sure we don’t need to tell you! But did you know that lymphatic massage can work to improve lung function and oxygenation, contributing to better respiratory health? It’s a big part of why it’s such a beneficial solution for lung health and well-being.

Incorporating Lymphatic Massage

Starting the journey to incorporate Lymphatic Massage for respiratory relief is simple.

If you are able to travel to one of Chelsey Jean’s Clinics, book an appointment here.

To learn Chelsey Jean’s 2-minute DIY at-home Lymphatic Massage sequence, watch the video below.

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For seriously good relief via at-home compression therapy, purchase the CJ&CO Compression Kit.

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