Looking back twenty five years ago some may have cringe and some may laugh at the memories that pop into their head. It was another era, a chapter that they have long closed. For me? It opened up more possibilities than I could have ever imagined!

Twenty five years ago I started to work on healing bodies, taking on five to six and sometimes seven clients a day whilst running a day spa.

It’s been twenty five years and each and every one of them I have grown and learned more about the human body, the way it all interacts with itself and how this can affect each and every one of you more and more.

Last year I was inspired by my clients., I wanted to create a way that  they could get great lymphatic results at home and incorporate it into their everyday life. I am so happy that I took that leap as COVID started to dawn on us, I knew that this is what was most important for my clients. Lymphatic health never had as much as an importance as it did right now, when most people are sitting around at home, not knowing what the future may hold.

By staying indoors, people aren’t getting their Vitamin D. They are moving less and they are way more stressed. I didn’t like the data I was seeing, I wanted to help in the best way I know how. With the lockdowns I chose to concentrate on manufacturing my LymFATic products and delivering the best online course that I can, coaching people through an eight week and 6 month program. And again, adapting to change is what I do best.  It was the shift I needed so I can help more than one person on my table at a time.

Helping people learn about the bodies they are in and how it can work with them and not against them is a major achievement. The amount of people that I have encountered that are fighting their bodies and aren’t seeing results, but don’t know why, is the reason why I started these programs. You have one body. One life. And it’s high time that you start to learn to be a lover not a fighter.

For anyone who is wanting to deep dive into nourishing and nurturing their body, I have one last program running for the year. Body Wisdom not only unlocks your health but your confidence as you start to learn how to work with your body and see physical differences. The next intake will probably be in February 2021 but definitely not for the same price as this program is highly sought after. We also want to keep it as boutique as possible in order to really help each individual with the quality, focus and attention.

Want to change your body? Get in before everyone else’s  New Years Resolution saga? Then start now and sign up today at https://bw.chelseyjean.com/body-wisdom-8-week-program