The world of lymphatics is not one that many seem to dip their feet into, even though many walk around not knowing that their suffering is from lymphatic sickness and blockages. Although the world is opening its eyes to the benefits of lymphatic drainage and how much of our body is connected to the lymphatic system, it is still at a very slow pace.

When I first started my techniques I wasn’t sure of the label that I was performing, I just knew it worked. When I figured the science behind it, I dove deep into the world of lymphatics and how I could change my client’s lives.

That is when I knew I had to do something. I needed to spread the word out that there is a way to really pinpoint those pain points (literally) and help your clients to the full extent and that is when I started teaching my LymFATics Alive techniques to practitioners who not only could create more happiness and greater health for their clients but also build a sustainable business.

How can learning about these techniques help you as a practitioner?

  • Broadening your scope
  • Creating a valuable service
  • Detect more sicknesses and syndromes accurately
  • Can create group programs which are more beneficial to the business than one on ones

How can these techniques help those who are suffering?

  • Invigorate your life
  • Boost your energy and motivation
  • Detoxify your body
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Reduce cellulite and help weight loss occur
  • Give you a positive outlook

I am a sports therapist, naturopath, and positive energy. I wanted to bring this to others so we can change the outlook on health today, together.

Looking to learn these techniques for yourself? If you’re a practitioner I run a LymFATics Alive workshop to give you the confidence and knowledge that you’ll need to lead these techniques in your practice. If you are someone who wants to take charge of their health and is just continually frustrated with how they feel inside and out then I have an array of programs that will suit anyone’s needs!

You can check them out on my website: