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Ultimate Lymph Health Subscription Box

Ultimate Lymph Health Subscription Box


Would you like to turn your life and health around?
Are you looking for a long-term solution?

The Ultimate Lymph Health Subscription Box could be just what your body needs!

You’ll receive proven products delivered regularly, expert education, professional advice, and the support of a caring community, with the goal of improving your lymphatic health.


More than 20,000 Australians have experienced the difference our products and programs make. Benefits include:

• Feeling lighter and brighter
• Softer, more radiant skin
• Reduced swelling, bloating and fluid retention
• Proper pooing
• Faster healing – including scars and unsightly stretch marks
• A reduction in cellulite, thanks to a breakdown of the toxins that dimple the skin
• Better digestion and absorption of fats
• Less headaches
• Lots more energy, less fatigue and inflammation
• Weight loss


Founder of Chelsey Jean Lymphatics & Advanced Lymphatic Health

Hi, I’m Chelsey! I’m a naturopath and educator in everything detoxification, with a focus on the lymphatic system.

It is hard to believe that, with all our medical advances, so little is known or understood about the body’s lymphatic system.

Working as a sports therapist, massaging my clients, my focus was on the muscular system. During these massages, I felt a heavy, rocky, thick substance when I massaged parts of the body. It felt different.

And my clients were presented with all kinds of health conditions and challenges. While they were diverse and different, they all stemmed back to one thing. The lymphatic system.

When I realised it was lymph, I began adding my own style of lymphatic drainage to my massage sessions for both men and women, and something awesome occurred. My patients’ health improved dramatically, as I was helping them detoxify from the toxic cellular waster that was poisoning them!

If the lymphatic system is not flowing well, the lymph fluid (approximately 15L of our own waste) becomes a toxic cesspool, resulting in many negative side effects including brain fog, fatigue, swelling, infections, skin problems and weight gain.

Hormonal and autoimmune issues, poor sleep, troubled digestion and mental health issues like anxiety and depression are now more common than ever before.

By massaging key areas on your body for just two minutes a day with my special lymphatic massage gloves and products, especially your boobs, you will dramatically improve your health.

If you want to feel in control, full of energy, happy and healthy, and perhaps shift a few kilos of stubborn weight in the process, the answer could be in my lymphatic drainage massage gloves, creams, sprays, sponges, and sequenced lymphatic flow, all delivered as part of my Ultimate Lymph Health Subscription Box.

Learn how to treat the cause of your health problems rather than just opting for a band-aid solution.

I love helping people take charge of their health from home, which is why I created the Ultimate Lymph Health Subscription Box!

Your 12-month subscription includes:

– Naturopathically formulated lymphatic products
– Access to experts and education that makes sense
– Professional support
– Support from a like-minded community
– Lots of fun!

If you are ready to feel better on every level, come join the lymphatic health party and sign up for my subscription box today!

XoXo Chelsey

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE ULTIMATE LYMPH HEALTH SUBSCRIPTION? And how will it transform your life and your health?

What’s included:

12 months of CJC (Chelsey Jean’s Circle) Membership.

• Access to Chelsey’s community platform with weekly Zoom calls, expert interviews, success stories, education, motivation, information and so much more.

The Ultimate Lymph Health product range delivered to your door every three months, starting in month 3, including:
• 500ml LymFATic cream – value $89.50
• 250ml MAGfatics spray – value $49.50
• 125ml FACEbiotics cream – value $59.50
• Pair of Konjac sponges – value $19.50
• A Chelsey Jean Swag Bag – value $15

All included for only $55 per month!
Limited time offer!
Save $462

You will also receive access to Chelsey’s 2-hour lymphatic workshop plus an introductory call with her team (valued at $110).


The Chelsey Jean Happy Lymph Subscription will send orders to customers every 3 months (starting on the third month of your subscription) to ensure that you have ongoing support and products to improve your health.

Depending on your location, it usually takes between three and seven days from the time of shipping for your order to be received.

Committing to a subscription makes it super easy and exciting! Although signing up for 12 months (four deliveries) may seem like it is going to take forever to see changes, I promise you will see initial results within the first two weeks, and then long-term changes over your first 12-month period. Remember, you did not accumulate all these ailments overnight! You won’t fix them overnight either – motivation and consistency is key. Twelve months is the ideal timeframe for long-term change.

To spread the cost out and ensure you’re committed for the long-haul! Seeing those monthly charges on your bank statement will also remind you to focus on your lymphatic health and to do the work!

It’s easy to add other products! Just let us know via email or phone 1800 2 BOOBS and our team will be happy to help.

I’m putting my money where my mouth is! I’ve witnessed thousands of men and women achieve success through my program. I’m so confident that this subscription will positively change your life and your health that I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason in the first 30 days of using our products in your initial subscription box that you are unhappy with the results, simply send us an email at and we will refund 100% of your outlay, no questions asked.

Yes, we are that confident that you will love our products, benefit from our education and support, and enjoy being a part of the Chelsey Jean community.