The idea of self-massage can bring up some, shall we say, quirky mental images. In reality, it is the lymphatic revelation you’ve been waiting for!

The DIY revolution has us screwing together furniture, painting bathrooms, baking our own bread and yet most people are still a little wary of DIY when it comes to massage or taking care of their own health.

Often we feel the need to outsource the maintenance of our physical health -which is rather limiting given you need to either book and pay a professional, or bargain with your partner for a good rub down!

The alternative, if you let go of the need to have someone else do it for you, is self-massage! Now you have massages on tap!

Whilst it’s always lovely to have a trained pair of hands manually draining your lymph, the benefits of self-massage for lymphatic drainage are plenty:

  1. It’s free! Gift yourself a pair of Chelsey Jean’s Dual-Action Lymphatic Gloves and turn the living room into a perpetual massage centre. Upgrading your massage skills to the lymphatic drainage realm will pay off exponentially!
  2. Massage anytime, anywhere. Well, perhaps not anywhere if you want to maintain a semblance of decorum in public, but it certainly opens up your access to lymphatic treatment. Long day? Wind down with a gentle yet effective massage of your arms, legs, torso, neck and face.
  3. Self-massage increases your connection to self. How you think, speak, and act towards yourself matters. Your body is always working for you, not against you. Symptoms are messages and by treating yourself to self-massage, you are showing yourself care, kindness, gentle loving touch and appreciation (even if your body doesn’t look or function exactly the way you would like all the time)

With the right tools (many of which you already have) you can guide yourself through a therapeutic lymphatic drainage massage from the comfort of your own home.

Remember that the lymph is the fluid that sits in your tissues and is drained towards your liver through a system of vessels, nodes and ducts, where it is detoxified and cleared of cellular debris, metabolic waste, immune system junk, toxins and other rubbish that we don’t want accumulating under the skin.

Unlike the blood, lymph doesn’t have a heart to pump it, which is where massage comes in! Gentle compression of the lymphatic vessels squeezes the lymph along in the direction we want it to go.

Stuck lymph that is congested and not draining well can lead to swelling, puffy skin, rashes, cellulite, acne, body odour, weight gain, toxicity, fatigue, lymphoedema, lipoedema and a myriad of other unpleasant symptoms.

It’s important to have a basic understanding of the biology before you go attempting self-massage because we are not going for deep-tissue massage or pressing as hard as we can on knots and tender spots. The touch should feel more like a skin massage – gentle but effective.

You can also start honing your skills with facial lymphatic drainage massage. The lymph in the face must pass through a lot of complex lymphatic structures in the neck and clavicle so it is a good place to start and learn the basics of self-massage.

When giving yourself a lymphatic drainage facial massage, focus on the following:

    1. Always start at the collarbone with two hands and imagine your hands are glued to your skin. Massage the skin gently keeping your hands in place in a circular motion, about ten times. This stimulates the lymph through the two major lymphatic ducts that sit beneath your clavicles, clearing the way for the rest of your lymph to drain. Imagine you are clearing the gutters of a house before trying to flush them through with water
    2. The pressure should be light – imagine you’re rubbing in sunscreen into just one spot – you are not trying to inflict pain!
    3. With a similar pressure, touch and circular massaging motion, work your way up your neck to gently milk the lymph down for drainage
    4. Spend about a minute in each area; below the clavicle, above the clavicle, the sides of the neck, under the ears, under the chin and jawline, then moving up the face
    5. You can use your finger tips to gently scrape the skin in a circular downward motion in the direction of your heart
    6. The key areas on the face (start low and work up) include the cheeks, under the eyes, beside the ears, the temples and eyebrows
    7. Using a serum or your face cream will luxe up the experience and relax your facial muscles before bed. One of our favourites (and a favourite amongst many of the clients that have passed through our doors) is the FACEbiotics cream.
    8. Learning to use a Jade roller or Gua Sha tool can also add a special touch for your facial massage, while the specially designed Chelsey jean gloves are perfect for the rest of the body.

Let go, relax and have fun with it! As long as you are gentle and start from the clavicle, working your way up, your lymph will thank you.

If it isn’t your face you’re worried about and you want to give your whole body the full drainage experience, check out the Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Kit.

It is the complete expansion pack for self-massage as it comes with two of Chelsey’s dual action lymphatic gloves which stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system and tells your lymphatic system that it’s “time to move, baby!” This can produce an all over body “flush” and a warming sensation. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system gets you into the rest-relax response, leaving you feeling all calm and gooey.

The other side of the gloves contain hematite based magnetic balls which break up lymphatic congestion at a deeper level. Hematite possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Sound high tech? Anyone can give themselves a professional lymphatic drainage massage and there is a video guide to Chelsey’s signature sequence to coach you.

And, of course, you can find more information and extra support while you’re introducing this new thing into your daily life by joining the free Facebook community of thousands of women using, and benefiting from, this very technique!! Simply head to the link and request access. It’s that easy.

We’ll see you there!