HCG Weight Loss Accelerator Program


The WLA Program is one of the fastest life-changing, fat-burning, body-reshaping weight loss programs. You can lose approximately 6 to 12 kgs in 21 days, reset your metabolism and revolutionise your relationship with food.


***This program comes complete with comprehensive manuals that serve as your go-to guide for maximizing its benefits. Upon purchase, you’ll receive these invaluable manuals electronically via email, instantly. To ensure you don’t miss out on any crucial information, please remember to check your spam folder.***

The WLA Program is one of the fastest life-changing, fat-burning, body-reshaping weight loss programs. You can lose approximately 6 to 12 kgs in 21 days, reset your metabolism and revolutionise your relationship with food.

Using the Homeopathic HCG Hormone to:

  • Reduce appetite
  • Aid weight loss
  • Full system detoxification
  • Resets the brain to prevent rebound weight gain
  • Address underlying biochemical pathologies that may be hindering weight loss (toxic burden, mitochondrial dysfunction, dysbiosis, insulin resistance)

This program is for the seriously committed. It not only requires strict discipline with food but also room to sit with all of the emotions that will follow, ensuring permanent results.

What you will achieve:

  • Rapid and permanent fat loss
  • Radiating skin
  • Hormonal changes
  • A feeling of success
  • Abundance of energy
  • A new metabolism
  • A new you
  • A vast improvement in health

How It Works

The WLA Program is built around the actions of a hormone called hCG, its full name being Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. hCG is found in both men and women, and it is secreted at high levels during pregnancy. It has the ability to protect a growing baby from starvation in times of famine by liberating the long-term, pathological brown fat stores of the woman’s body as a source of food.

Our WLA Homeopathic Drops mimic the action of the true hCG hormone and as a result, produce similar results – i.e. they mobilise stored fat. Note that our drops do not contain the actual hormone; they are a natural, homeopathic alternative that mimics the hormone and are therefore safe for men and women. They do not interact with other medication – i.e. continue to take all medication as normal.

A medical doctor, Dr. Simons discovered over 60 years ago that using the hormone hCG in conjunction with a low-calorie diet liberates fat stores and resets the hypothalamus (the body’s master gland that controls weight). By resetting the brain in this way, the body doesn’t continue to store calories as long-term brown fat, but instead as short-term normal fat.

An overview of the WLA Program

Phase 1 – Loading 2 days

  • Drink 2-3 litres of pure water per day
  • Build up normal fat stores by eating high calories, including fats every few hours
  • Healthy fats to include in your loading – Atlantic salmon, tuna, nuts, seeds, avocado, butter, coconut cream, coconut oil, nut butter, olives, etc.
  • Record your weight upon waking, and your body measurements on the measurement sheet provided. The first day of loading is day 1 on your recording sheet.

Phase 2 – Rapid Weight Loss

  • 21 to 40 days duration depending on your weight loss goals
  • Drink 2 to 3L of pure water daily
  • Skip breakfast, and have 2 x 100g protein meals with 1 vegetable portion at lunch and dinner time (for best results keep to one type of vegetable)
  • Have different meat and vegetable for lunch and dinner
  • Tea, coffee, herbal tea (with 1 Tbsp skim milk) are allowed
  • 2 snacks per day – 1 piece of fruit, and plain, thin rice cakes with tomato
  • Continue to take your weight every morning upon waking and record on the measurement sheet provided. Take all other body measurements weekly and record them on a sheet.

Phase 3 – Maintenance (Low Starch/Low Sugar Phase)

  • 21 to 40 days (continue for the same amount of time you did phase 2 for)
  • A variety of healthy foods, but limiting starch and sugar
  • Continue to take your weight every morning upon waking, and take your body measurements weekly. Record these in a diary.
  • The entire process takes a minimum of 6 weeks to complete on the 21-day program, and a maximum of 12 weeks on the 40-day program.

This is an overview of the 3 phases only. Ensure you read the following pages for the full details and follow the program as outlined.

Products Information

Bioclinic DetoxClear 378G
Dose: 1.5 tablespoons twice daily in a glass of water.

DetoxClear is a herbal and nutritional formula that helps support natural body detoxification. The ingredients, TrueBroc broccoli seed extract and organic chlorella, are involved in supporting liver function and detoxification. DetoxClear also contains milk thistle which is traditionally used in western herbal medicine to protect the liver and enhance bile secretion. The nutritional ingredients also help support healthy immune system function and act as antioxidants to help reduce free radical damage to body cells and support tissue repair.

**For further detoxification of different pollutants (e.g persistent organic pollutants ‘POPs’), please speak to your healthcare professional.**

Ariya Purity – EnergyX
Designed to boost your resilience to stress, increase energy, assist with health bowel movements as it contains PHGG, reduce sugar cravings and boost you mental clarity. Plus, as an added perk, it tastes amazing! And yes, you can continue to use your EnergyX long after this program finishes… We do!


The WLA Program delivers rapid and exciting results but it is a challenging and strict program that must be adhered to precisely. By purchasing this program we provide you with the system and the information, but you are ultimately responsible for your own success. You must ensure that you book in regularly to see your practitioner and check-in. We recommend weekly appointments, as this will keep you motivated and on track for success.

If you have a medically diagnosed condition, or you are taking prescription medication you must continue to follow your doctor’s directions and you must continue to take all medicine as normal.

The WLA Program is effective, fast, and simple with many people losing between 5-8kg on a 21-day program, and 12-16kg on a 40-day program.

Preparation is key to the program. Prior to commencing the program, you can prepare and store the following brine, soups, stocks, and meals in appropriate portions. Always be ready for an unexpected invitation. It’s ideal to have some pre-cooked meats and portions in stainless containers or zip-lock bags for unavoidable social events or even at-work meals. Have a small esky for the car to carry fruit, vegetable portions, or protein servings so that you can avoid temptation, such as sampling a friend’s cuisine, or having to accept restaurant offerings.

Additional information

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