HCG Drops


HCG 30C 50ML

Is a 21-40 day weight loss and metabolism support program. The only hCG Program with priority practitioner support:

  • Designed and modified to perfection by a Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath, and Biochemist;
  • Targets phase 1, 2 & 3 detoxification;
  • Supports methylation and MTHFR polymorphisms;
  • Your clients can eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks daily;
  • Your clients will look and feel great; and
  • Well-priced and professionally packaged including the HCG drop, Detox clear, Energy X, Collagen, and Sea minerals.

The acronym hCG is for human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. The hCG-Pathiccs System is based on Dr. Simeons, hCG Diet protocol. Born in England from 1900 to 1970, and schooled in Germany, Dr. Simeons spent the majority of his medical career in India and Italy. His protocol for weight loss takes advantage of a natural human hormone, hCG which regulates fat stores by stimulating the release of dense, long-term (LT) stored subcutaneous body fat. Benefits can include:

  • Burning up to 1 kilogram of fat a day;
  • Burning fat without exercising;
  • Dieting with no hunger pains;
  • Keeping the weight off long term;
  • Helping reset your metabolism; and
  • Molding and reshaping your body.

The hCG-Pathiccs System consists of 3 Phases: The hCG-Pathiccs System is a 21-40 Day Protocol which will achieve all 3 phases of this proven, successful program.

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