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Introducing the ultimate massager

As the name implies Dr. Graeme tried to build the ultimate handheld massager. The Ultimate Quad Head Massager combines the robustness and quality you’d expect from a Dr. Graeme massager with:

• amazing vibration massage over a large area provided by the dual rocker “stump jump” mechanism, and
• extreme versatility due to its handle and design.

Amazing vibration massage

New quad head twin rocker design
This picture gives an overview of the new design. It’s got the same easy-to-use ergonomic design and strong build quality as the General Purpose Massager. The obvious difference is the four heads. It means that it sits flat and you can work on a much bigger area, but the dual offset rocker mechanism gives it some amazing advantages.

Why the mechanism is so good
As you can see by the diagram single head and single rocker (including thumper maxis) inherently vibrate and rock. With the dual rocker mechanism, there are always two going up and two going down. Better still, if looking from the side there is always one at the front and one at the back going down, so it’s balanced. It’s the same looking at the right and left from the front.

Our “stump jump” mechanism
Back on our family farm, we had a stump jump plow. Going through normal dirt the tynes would dig into the ground, but if it hit a stump it would spring up and not break. We have put a similar mechanism into our massager. Massaging normal muscle everything works normally, but if one of the four heads hits a bony bump the mechanism gives. This gives powerful penetration but is forgiving if you do something like accidentally run over a bone.

Stump jump mechanisms are designed to dig in normally but to lift up if the plow hits a stump

Easy to use with incredible versatility

Incredibly easy to use
The quad head tends to be flat on the part being massaged. In this picture my thigh is horizontal. I am not having to hold the weight of the machine and the weight of the machine is applying the pressure. I can actually just guide the machine with one finger.

The quad head is so easy to use I’m guiding it with one finger

Fits in the palm of your hand
The Ultimate Quad Head fits easily into the palm of your hand to make it easy to apply. Because the dual rocker mechanism cancels out most of the vibration despite the power and penetration it is extremely comfortable.

The quad head massager fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

Easy to reach anywhere on your body
The ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to massage anywhere on your body. Note in this picture that:

• I only need to hold the massager with the tips of my fingers, and
• with the four head design the heads tend to sit flat for maximum comfort and penetration.

The ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to use the Ultimate Quad Head Massager anywhere on your body

Can use as a massage cushion
With the four heads, it is easy to put the massage behind you or under your leg and use it as a massage cushion. If you do please just apply similar pressure to what you would use normally, and definitely don’t sit on it. It won’t massage as well and you’ll end up burning out the motor.

Having the four heads it is easy to use it as a “massage cushion” . Please don’t put too much weight on it though.

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