Body Wisdom 8-week Program | 16th May 2022


I see clients of all ages and styles who want to improve their health, they may have specific problems such as lymphatic disorders, chronic fatigue or general gut issues. They may want to lose weight, feel better, correct their hormonal imbalances or just take back their health to how it used to be. Chelsey Jean xo

It is now time to get off the merry-go-round and receive health advice that makes sense… And also have a little fun along the way!
Work Closely With Chelsey, A Qualified Sports Therapist, Naturopath, Problem Solver, And Results Lover.


I ask my group this question “What is your body trying to tell you?” And here are some of the answers:
? I am out of balance
? I need help and nothing has worked yet
? It is stressed
​? H E L P
​? That it is sore especially when I massage my breasts and underarms
? ​It is full of cellulite, sluggish, and needs a cleanse, that should be enough of a sign
​? Hormones are out of whack and I need to stress less
? ​To detox so it can have more energy
? ​It is screaming at me to move all the blockages

Currently you are guessing what foods to eat. We will target and remove the foods, cleaning products, chemicals, supplements, etc that exhaust your immune system and inflame your body…without suffering through elimination diets. This is the #2 game-changer in my clinic.

But the best bit is you will finally have an understanding WHAT has got you here in the first place. I will educate you, so you can pass everything on to your family and friends, they will want to know what has caused your change!

***Additional cost for health and weight loss supplements

• 90-minute Initial Consultation with Chelsey ($495) – A deep dive into all areas of your health, creating a timeline. Chelsey’s unique, proven treatment methods will fast track and support your health goals in ways you may never have thought possible.
• 3 x follow-up (30 minute) consultations (3 x $145) – One in-depth Naturopathic investigation with Tia Brennan to go through your blood test results.
• Individualised Bio-compatibility Hair Analysis with a 30min consultation to go through results with a Naturopath ($349)
• 9 Live Training Sessions supporting you through every step of the Chelsey Jean Method ($2610)
• Meal plans with recipes ($199)
• Ho’oponono Training ($147)
• All of the resources you will ever need!

$4200 value for $1850

8 weeks to not only learn all of the WHYs but also HOW to make the changes last.

? Bring back the flow of vibrant soulful energy
? Reduce toxic accumulation physically and emotionally in all areas of your life
? Unblock, stimulate and rejuvenate your lymphatic system
? Restore gut health
​? Do your best to prevent future health issues
? Repair and generate the body, reducing inflammation and pain
? Refocus on great health, not just mediocre
​? Eliminate stored wastes and fats
? Increase immunity and metabolism
? Support the bowel, digestion and absorption so metabolism can function at its best
? Encourage restful sleep
? Reduce anxiety and stress
? Plus so much more

Everybody is different. Just as my clients get individual advice for their personal stories with me in the clinic. I have developed a proven protocol so you can receive the best I can give at home as well, no matter where you live.

I specialise in all areas of ill health, including inflammation, pain, stress, blockages, weight problems, skin issues, gut health, and mental health, first with our lymphatic tools.

This is a group program with individual touches. Take responsibility and be accountable to achieve your results.

We ask for support and honour ourselves
We get off our butts and participate
We listen to our body and reconnect
We are brave
Nutrition essentials for a strong lymphatic system
Exercise and movement flows
Lots more

You will gain skills that you can take with you to apply to all life situations, share with loved ones and be the person you never thought you could be.