We all have sinus issues every now and then. Colds are called “common” for a reason, but if you’ve ever had a cold that just won’t go away?

It was more than likely sinusitis – an infection or inflammation of the sinus.

It can lead to pain in your head, facial pressure or pain, and thick mucus that clogs your nose.

And for anyone experiencing this? You know just how frustrating it can become. Whether you’re living with chronic sinusitis or are stuck trying to shake away that clogged nose and heavy feeling? Discover how lymphatic massage can work to help you breathe easier, for natural relief.

Understanding Sinusitis:

Sinusitis is a condition in which the tissues of the sinuses are inflamed and can cause facial pain, a stuffy or runny nose, and sometimes a fever. While it can be caused by the common cold, other viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergies can also cause this issue.

The sinuses are lined with a thin membrane that produces mucus, which is normally swept along by hair cells and drains through a small opening in the nasal cavity. Sinusitis (otherwise known as rhinosinusitis) occurs when this drainage system becomes blocked, usually due to swelling from an infection or allergy.

The symptoms may clear on their own, but often they persist or repeatedly return. Which can be more than a little annoying!

Clearing the Path: How Lymphatic Massage Targets Sinus Congestion

Lymphatic massage is a wonderful relief for those with sinusitis, enabling individuals to breathe easier and live better in no time. Here’s how:

Reducing Sinus Congestion:

Lymphatic massage is all about promoting lymphatic drainage, which can prove incredibly beneficial to the inflammation and congestion of the sinuses. Considering sinusitis strongly relates to an issue with drainage, it provides instant relief for sufferers of sinusitis.

Alleviating Headache and Pressure:

Sinusitis comes with frequent headaches and pretty uncomfortable facial pressure. With lymphatic massage, headaches and facial discomfort can be relieved, promoting relaxation and comfort for sufferers

Enhancing Immune Function:

A healthy lymphatic system can be crucial for immune function, which is why it can be so beneficial for individuals experiencing sinusitis. It works to strengthen the immune system, helping the body better fight off sinus infections. And prevent them in the long run too.

Promoting Restful Sleep:

Due to the congestion and discomfort associated with sinusitis, sleep disruptions are pretty common. However, due to the lymphatic drainage associated with this form of massage, reduced sinus-related symptoms can promote better rest and sleep quality.

Starting the Journey: How to Begin Lymphatic Massage for Sinusitis

Starting the journey to incorporate Lymphatic Massage for sinusitis relief is simple!

If you are able to travel to one of Chelsey Jean’s Clinics, book an appointment here.

To learn Chelsey Jean’s 2-minute DIY at-home Lymphatic Massage sequence, watch the video below.

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