Chelsey Jean’s Practitioner Training Events

Lymphatics Alive Workshop

Unlock the secrets of the lymphatic system with our comprehensive one-day Lymphatics Alive Workshop, available both in-person in Brisbane and online.

Ideal for holistic health practitioners, personal trainers, and massage therapists, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn advanced lymphatic health techniques directly from industry expert Chelsey Jean.

Enhance your skills, broaden your service offerings, and empower your clients to achieve better health outcomes. Dive deep into practical, hands-on training that will transform your approach to health and wellness.

VIP Bussiness Growth Day

Unlock the full potential of your health practice at our exclusive VIP Business Growth Day. This special event is crafted specifically for practitioners who aspire to replicate the success of the Chelsey Jean Lymphatic Franchised Clinics.

Delve into a day filled with transformative insights and hands-on experiences that will revolutionize how you approach client service and clinic management.