Recovering from any surgery to your pre-surgery performance level is everyone’s goal. We can turn into reality with the help of the CJ&CO Circulate post surgery recovery compression system. Pneumatic compression therapy has been around forever but CJ&CO Circulate takes this to the next level. It helps you to recover faster and more comfortably in a non-medicated form. Designed for use in to comfort of your own home, the CJ&CO Circulate system offers you a convenient way to recover without attending appointments.

How the CJ&CO Circulate system can help with post surgery recovery:

Promotes healing: The increased circulation that comes with the CJ&CO Circulate can help to bring oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, which can promote healing. Improved circulation can also help to remove waste products and toxins from the body, further promoting healing.

Helps with pain management: Surgery can be painful, and many patients rely on pain medication to manage their discomfort. CJ&CO Circulate can be used in combination with pain medication to help manage pain and promote healing. The compression therapy can help to reduce muscle tension and soreness, which can reduce overall pain levels.

Prevents blood clots: After surgery, patients may be at a higher risk of developing blood clots. CJ&CO Circulate can help to prevent blood clots by promoting circulation and reducing stasis in the blood vessels.

Speeds up overall recovery time: By promoting healing, reducing swelling and inflammation, and helping with pain management. CJ& CO Circulate can help to speed up recovery time after surgery. This can allow patients to get back to their normal activities more quickly and with less discomfort.

If you’re in recovery from surgery or have an upcoming surgery, get in touch with our team today for a chat about how the CJ&CO Circulate can benefit you and your recovery. We’ll explore how else we can help. Call us today on 1 800 2 26627.