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Lymphatics Alive Workshop Online

Lymphatics Alive Workshop Online


Learn Advanced Lymphatic Health
Techniques & Massage

Lymphatics alive workshop Online

Never before has lymphatic health been so important. Join in to become an expert on identifying lymphatic sickness, and learn
about the latest treatments for lymphodema, lipodema and other conditions related to lymphatic system.


22nd July 2022

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM AEST
Online via Zoom

Seating Capacity

You don’t want to miss being part of this life-changing event so hurry and register now!

Chelsey Jean

Sports Therapist, Naturopath, creator of the Advanced Natural Health Clinic and the Chelsey Jean label


Chelsey Jean’s Lymphatics Alive Workshop (LAW) provides education on the most important
and neglected system in your body, the lymphatic system.

  • You know that 1:1 consultations on their own is not going to build a thriving, sustainable business.
  • Chelsey’s Lymphatic Technique can be used with every body of all ages and for unlimited benefits.
  • The Lymphatics Alive Workshop incorporates many holistic techniques and therapies to assess the body’s main lymphatic points.
  • Build your knowledge and confidence in a fun, interactive and empowering environment. It is time to make a difference.

Did you know that...

Underlying lymphatic sickness and blockages are commonly undiagnosed, contributing to most inflammatory disorders and patient health complaints. Looking at the lymphatic system can be a major point of difference when treating health conditions, my 25 years in clinic is proof of that. In my clinic, we facilitate healing. Addressing the lymphatic system is beneficial for overall health and immunity. Addressing this system has shown promising results in specific illnesses including but not limited to inflammation, pain, stress, blockages, weight problems, skin issues, gut health and mental health, first with our lymphatic tools.


  • What the lymphatic system is and what role it plays in wellness,
    sickness rehab
  • How the gut and organs play a role in the lymphatic system
  • How the brain is impacted by an inflamed lymphatic system
  • ​The 2-minute lymphatic shake up
  • ​How to teach others to listen to their body
  • ​The Lymphatic Alive step-by-step release and stimulation technique
  • ​Movement and exercise to stimulate lymphatic flow
  • Breathing and lymphatic system
  • ​Why you can’t lose weight when your lymph is clogged and toxic
  • ​Manual hands-on techniques that may be different to your current method
  • ​Self-assessment and daily habits
  • ​Why if you do the release in the wrong order it will not work or can make you worse
  • ​Nutrition essentials for a healthy lymphatic system
  • The relationship between the immune system and the nervous system and how to avoid the foods that make you worse

Holistic health practitioners, personal trainers and massage therapists are learning to diversify and grow their business with the Lymphatic Alive training as well as business building tools to help release the underlying blocks in their clinic as well as their clients. The tools can be incorporated at the physical examination stage, used as a solo therapy or taught to the client so they can do it at home.


  • You are ticking all the boxes with what you specialise in as a practitioner and looking to integrate a new therapy that is gathering massive momentum.
  • You have not yet found your niche and want to learn a new therapy and assessment tool that will have you standing out from the rest and ensuring a true holistic approach.
  • You want to add in a clinical therapy that creates value and a return without you being face to face, using Normatec Compression Therapy.

The full day intensive workshop will teach you not only about lymphatic health but offer you priceless access to all areas of Chelsey Jean’s successful business, for you to take and use in your own. Imagine having a new skill set in your practitioner toolkit to support your clients on a physical and emotional level.

Some areas where this training will help:

  • Do you have some clients struggling to achieve the results that your other clients attain with ease?
  • Do you want to offer more support for their body, learn how to feel and how to move lymph beyond your current massage, PT, naturopathic and nutritional treatments?​
  • Do you want to add to your own bottom line by offering a service and home care products that will improve everything else that you are doing?​

Imagine having a new skill set in your practitioner toolkit to support your clients on a physical and emotional level.

What if you could...

  • Improve client outcomes faster
  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals
  • Assess your clients body, actually touch them​
  • Add extra retail products
  • And fill those empty slots in your calendar

…simply by adding a few new techniques to your consultations and services?

Designed with this in mind, Chelsey would love to share her lymphatic and clinical protocols with other health practitioners and those interested in building their own individual processes, adding lymphatic health to their protocol. She wants to make life easy for them, to benefit from her 25 years of experience owning her own health businesses.

For the first time she is presenting this intensive Lymphatics Alive Workshop.

This hands on intensive workshop will cover the following life changing lymphatic health information:

  • What is the lymphatic system and what role does it play
  • Chelsey’s Lymphatic sequenced massage technique
  • How to use and market the Lymphatic Magnetic Gloves and Massage Cream
  • ​Lymphatic Home Care
  • ​Nutrition essentials for a strong lymphatic system
  • ​Breathing techniques
  • ​Why to use compression therapy
  • ​Exercise and movement flows
  • ​Lots more

But more importantly you will be in clinic putting all of this information into practice! Real patients, real stories, learn how
Chelsey interacts, prescribes, consults, overcomes problems and assesses her clients.

The best bit is you will also be a client, FEELING the treatments from Chelsey and the other participants. This workshop is
completely interactive and will also create a shift you may need in your own life!

How is your personal lymphatic health?


  • Hands-on skills you can confidently use in clinic right away
  • Learn how to market yourself as an LA practitioner, using as much as Chelsey’s protocols as you would like
  • Know how to incorporate LA into your consultations
  • Intermittent pneumatic compression as part of a complex decongestive therapy – learn to use the Normatec Pulse Compression in your clinic

Bonus! As part of your purchase
you will also receive:

  • the recording of the training so that you can refer back to it later, and
  • a FREE 30-minute Zoom call with me a week afterwards so that I can answer any questions you may have, and check that you’re doing the sequence right.

This is a great course for ALL health practitioners.
This class is for practitioners of all fields of health and also final year students.
But be quick! Limited spaces – intimate group



Chelsey also offers mentoring to all health practitioners who would like to create a unique protocol in their consultations, especially those who would like to incorporate lymphatic health and massage, physical examination and body analysis into their treatment plans. This is fantastic to implement after your Interactive Workshop to help you maximise your new skills.

Add on Chelsey’s Lymphatics Toolbox: once off purchase price $190

Includes Practitioner FB group, Lymphatics Alive marketing material and slides, (only for those who have attended the workshop), and digital package (Google drive) for use in your own business, all DONE for YOU so you can get started straight away. This package is updated weekly with new content that you can use on social media. This also has many replays of previous programs for you to watch.


Complete Package of the Lymphatics Alive Workshop including Mentoring Toolbox,
Chelsey’s 8 week Body Wisdom Program & 3 hours mentoring $1495 (save $100)

Included in Business Mentoring sign up:

  • The only way to have Chelsey as your Business Mentor
  • Access to Chelsey’s Body Wisdom 8-week program***
  • Support in creating your new business plan in alignment with your skills
  • Marketing advice including Facebook, Instagram and Email Campaigns
  • Assistance in setting up your clinic to incorporate lymphatic health
  • How to market to attract your ideal client
  • Case Collaboration
  • Nothing is off limits – Anything she can reasonably help you with from her 25 years in her own business
  • Putting all of this information into practice in your own clinic
  • Learn more in depth how Chelsey interacts, prescribes, consults, overcomes problems and assesses her clients.


***Includes access and participation to exclusive Body Wisdom group and all educational materials. Hair Test/ Initial Consultation/ Tia Consultation not included in this offer.


Personally delivered by the program’s creator Chelsey Jean, with the support of Tia Brennan from Ariya Health, the LAW training will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and empowered to embark on your journey with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for your practice.

Natural health is in Tia’s blood. Her entire family focus on providing quality assistance to practitioners in clinics all over Australia. She supports the core of the health industry, the ones that make a difference, those that have the passion, education and resolve. Her direction is with YOU the health practitioner.

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