Sports injuries are common occurrences that can happen to athletes of all levels. In fact, if you play any amount of sport, you’ve probably experienced at least a few, of varying degrees of severity.

But regardless of how severe your sports injury is, there’s nothing worse than being held back by pain, especially when you have goals to hit and games to win.

If you want to heal faster from your sports injuries? Discover how lymphatic massage can get you back on the field, in the gym, and in action sooner than later – all thanks to its unique benefits!

Understanding Sports Injuries

The term “sports injury” refers to injuries that more commonly occur during sports are exercise – but these are not always limited to athletes! Ever heard of tennis elbow? Factory workers can suffer from this. What about tendinitis? This isn’t just for sportsmen, even gardeners can experience this injury!

But “sports injuries” refer to those that occur in active individuals. In fact, it usually refers to injuries that impact the musculoskeletal system – the network of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and other tissues that provides the body with stability and freedom of movement.

There are two kinds of sports injuries: acute and chronic. Acute injuries happen suddenly – such as when a person falls or twists a joint, whereas chronic injuries usually occur from overuse of one area of the body, developing gradually over time.

There are a number of risk factors associated with developing these injuries, whether it’s not using the correct exercise technique, overtraining, running or jumping on hard surfaces, wearing shoes that do not have enough support and more.

Treatment for sports injuries depends on the specific type of injury, but minor ones can usually be treated by the R-I-C-E method (resting, icing, compressing and elevating).

But if you want to get back on track to healing sooner, and to even alleviate the chances of a sports injury, before it comes up? Lymphatic massage is the solution you need!

Speeding Up Healing: How Lymphatic Massage Aids Recovery from Sports Injuries

So, how can lymphatic massage aid recovery from this form of injury? Aside from reducing the chances of developing this injury – by stimulating the flow of lymphatic draining and getting your body properly aligned for all aspects of life – it provides a wealth of benefits for recovery:

Reducing Inflammation and Swelling:

Inflammation and swelling are commonplace when it comes to sports injuries. But if you want to reduce any form of swelling, lymphatic massage can help. By promoting fluid drainage, it speeds up the healing process and alleviates discomfort.

Enhancing Blood Flow and Healing:

With any sports injury, good blood circulation can be crucial to injury recovery. With a lymphatic massage, blood circulation can be improved which will help to deliver vital nutrients to the injured area, as well as aiding in tissue repair and recovery.

Relieving Muscle Tension and Pain:

Sports injuries often involve muscle tension and pain, which can be incredibly disheartening. But if you’d like to relax your muscles, reduce tension and alleviate pain, lymphatic massage can help. It allows athletes to recover more comfortably AND quickly.

Boosting Confidence and Performance:

One of the worst parts of a sports injury is the loss of confidence associated with it. It can feel like your body has “let you down”, and that you may not be “cut out” for the activity you participate in.

But your body is a temple, ready to give you the best life possible. All you need to do is give it the proper system to repair, rejuvenate, and heal. With lymphatic massage, you can experience relaxation, stress reduction, and a sense of empowerment that contributes to better confidence and overall performance.

And if you’re able to heal at a faster rate and prevent these injuries in future? You can understand how it lends to helping your body feel like a well-oiled machine that’ll keep running for years to come!

Athletic Success: Recovery Stories with Lymphatic Massage

“Using Chelsey’s gloves on both my massage clients, my family and myself makes such a big difference to lymph flow, congested area’s of the body, sore muscles.We even have a Chelsey glove stored in the car.Latest glove use this week was on my client with 2 knee replacements, they together with the beautiful massage work wonders.”
~ Suzie Lewis

“My skin is softer, my body less swollen and I have a new appreciation for how hard my body is working. It is my favourite self care ritual.”
~ Shelley Peers

Starting the Journey: How to Begin Lymphatic Massage for Sinusitis

Starting the journey to incorporate Lymphatic Massage for sinusitis relief is simple!

If you are able to travel to one of Chelsey Jean’s Clinics, book an appointment here.

To learn Chelsey Jean’s 2-minute DIY at-home Lymphatic Massage sequence, watch the video below.

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