It was Kathy Bates who said: “the study of the lymphatic system is poised to bring miracles for many diseases … lymphatic research is exciting, but it won’t mean much unless we also improve provider education and public awareness.”

And, frankly, we can’t agree with her more. Lymphatics education has been lacking across the globe. But at Chelsey Jean Lymphatics we’re working hard to improve practitioner education and increase awareness across Australia.

And here’s how we’re making that possible.

Why practitioner education on lymphatics is so important

The lymphatics system is a central part of your immune system, playing a vital role in a number of treatments for a variety of health issues.

So you can imagine how concerning it is to know that:

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When it comes to providing proper support, treatment, and even prevention to clients, there needs to be a wealth of understanding of the human body as a whole. And, without a clear understanding of one of the most important systems of the body, it’s very easy for practitioners to miss out on some integral factors of health.

While this statement from Bates only included American data, it’s much the same across the globe.

It recreates that age-old issue of stepping into a practitioner’s office, only for them to tell you there’s nothing wrong, prescribe you some pills, and completely miss the root issue.

With proper education for practitioners on the lymphatic system, individuals are able to deal with a holistic approach to health and well-being, ensuring that issues are dealt with from the inside out.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage

When it comes to the lymphatic system, it’s crucial to keep it moving and to have it addressed by practitioners. But why is that?

First, it’s important to understand how the lymphatic system actually works. It’s your body’s built-in detoxifier and it works to get rid of “waste” from the body, such as bacteria and excess fluid. While the lymphatic system will usually do this on its own, blockages are common for a number of reasons, leading the system to need an extra hand to effectively cleanse your body.

With lymphatic drainage, you’re giving this crucial system a “reboot” so it can remove toxins more efficiently.

With precise, skillful motions, waste is guided through the body to eliminate toxins, which can lead to a number of benefits such as:

Reduction of swelling and edema

When fluid accumulates, it can lead to swelling in the body. This can lead to bloating and sometimes inflammation in different parts of the body. With lymphatic drainage performed properly, this swelling is reduced and the fluid accumulation can properly move through the body.


By getting that lymph flow moving, those waste products and toxins are properly moved from the tissues and towards the organs that can properly process and then eliminate them. For this reason, lymphatic drainage works wonders to detoxify the body, which is crucial for well-being and health.

Immune system support

As previously stated, the lymphatics system is a crucial part of your body’s immunity. By improving lymph flow, your body is able to detect and fight infections more efficiently, now that it doesn’t have to worry about an overload of toxins.

Relaxation and stress reduction

Lymphatic drainage is a deeply relaxing process. It’s like having a normal massage, only it’s specifically designed to ensure that your body’s system is correctly moving toxins through your body. With this perfect mix of relaxation, and lymph movement, it can aid in alleviating pain and muscle tension in a number of ways.

Speedy recovery

Lymphatic drainage is exceptional for use after surgery or injury. It can facilitate quicker recovery by reducing swelling and detoxifying the body, which is especially important in post-operative care where reducing inflammation is crucial.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage

And that’s only a few of the incredible benefits to be found through lymphatic drainage. For this reason, you can understand why it’s such a useful tool for practitioners, and why it’s important that this education is taught and improved wherever possible.

How we’re improving practitioner education with lymphatics

At Chelsey Jean Lymphatics, we take the lymphatics system seriously. We have a variety of different solutions and systems to educate individuals on taking care of their own lymphatic system. And, while this is crucial in developing public awareness, we also understand how important it is for practitioners to have access to this too.

Aside from providing supportive communities and systems of education and insight into this crucial system, our Lymphatics Alive Workshops are one of our stand-out solutions for improving practitioner education.

These workshops are specifically designed for holistic health practitioners, personal trainers, and massage therapists to gain insight into this neglected system. It teaches them to diversify their knowledge and also provides tools to grow their business with this one day training.

It’s exactly what practitioners need to become more adept at identifying how the lymphatics affect the health of clients, discuss some of the latest treatments, and other conditions related to the lymphatic system. Practitioners will learn:

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And with both online and in-person access, it’s the perfect way for practitioners to flesh out their lymphatics learnings and develop systems that ensure maximum wellness for all their clients.

We definitely recommend checking out the Lymphatics Alive page to discover when the next event is and, if you’re a practitioner, we definitely recommend going all-in with this comprehensive teaching.

But it doesn’t end there … At Chelsey Jean Lymphatics we have a wealth of tools for individuals to use to flesh out their lymphatics education and improve understanding of this system.

The lymphatics system is a crucial system in the body, and we couldn’t agree more that lymphatics education needs improvement across the globe. However, thanks to our systems, we’re spreading awareness and improving practitioner education wherever possible.

If you want to learn more about how to flesh out your own personal or clinical lymphatics education, we recommend you start here.

Who knows … you might just discover a wellness method that changes your life for the better.

“I recently took part in the Lymphatics Alive Workshop to personally get more knowledge for my self and clients. It was a great course very informative and hands on. I would definitely recommend doing this.”
~ Teneille