How wiggling your boobs can take inches off your hips!

Let me pause while you read that again. What has wiggling your boobs got to do with getting rid of those sneaky lockdown kilograms? More than you think! Before you start jiggling the goodies in front of the bathroom mirror, let’s talk about the reasons why. 

The first thing you need to know is that weight loss is not just about fat and food

Your body is always trying to communicate with you, it is not the enemy, it is on your side! Excess weight is often a red flag from your body, telling you that something needs to change. You not only see the weight, but you feel it too. The feeling of discomfort in your own body, the bloating, the allergies, that general feeling of not-quite-rightness and the struggle to get through the afternoon without raiding the office cookie jar are all connected! This is because there is more going on under the surface than meets the eye when it comes to fat gain, fat loss and how to make it last without selling your soul to a multi-level marketing scheme.

The missing piece for many women struggling to fit back into their favourite jeans is lymphatic drainage. 

Trust me when I tell you it is one of the most underrated functions of the human body! Chances are you that have never heard of the lymphatic system, lymphatic drainage or even of lymphatic drainage massage. It is not taught to us in high school biology and is only really mentioned in relation to medical conditions like lymphoedema, which is a shame because there are so many benefits to healthy lymph!

Lymph is that clear watery fluid you see around a cut – it sits in vessels quite close to the skin and is moved around the body in a system quite similar to the network of veins that transports blood. There is a major difference though, as lymph does not have a heart to pump it. Without manual movement, lymph can accumulate and become congested. Why does this matter? Because the lymphatic system is practically the sewerage system for the skin and other tissues of the body! We move stored toxins and waste products out of the tissue and towards the liver for detoxification through the lymph. The body stores toxins in fat to protect the body, making detoxification super important for weight loss. 

Notice your weight fluctuating by a kilogram or more each day? 

You might refer to this as ‘water weight’ which is fluid that is retained in the body, often around the belly and hips, making pants uncomfortably tight by the end of the day. Lymph has to move through lymph nodes – little collection centres that help to filter the lymph on its way to the liver. Lymph nodes are those little tender lumps that often pop up when we’re feeling run down, congested and puffy. Lymph is an important part of the body’s detox blueprint yet it is chronically forgotten by fad diets, shake programs and other weight loss gimmicks. It really is standing proof that for effective weight loss, all systems of the body need to be considered! 

What has the lymph got to do with weight loss? 

Good lymphatic drainage:

  • Helps maintain healthy metabolism
  • Reduces fluid retention and water weight
  • Reduces swelling and bloating
  • Prevents cellulite
  • Removes toxins stored in fat to speed up weight loss
  • Detoxes the body

Okay with that out of the way, let’s get back to the question of boob wiggling! Keeping with the running theme that everything in the body is connected, let’s swim upstream from the hips to the breasts. Boobs by nature are filled with fatty tissue but they also host a high concentration of lymph nodes and vessels that connect to the major lymphatic ducts of the body. When the nodes around the breasts are congested we can have a backlog of lymph, as the two big ducts sit just above the breasts! All of the lymph fluid in the body has to pass through these ducts at some stage and that can be some heavy traffic. We need to keep these ducts clear and filtering for great lymphatic flow and all the benefits that come with that. 

Those in the business of boob jiggling often refer to it as ‘popping the cork’! A daily practice to celebrate the fine prosecco that is your gloriously intelligent womanly body. Popping the cork literally opens the bottle neck and gets that liquid gold moving. Because the lymph doesn’t have a heart to pump it, the jiggling motion gently compresses lymph vessels and gets things moving. 

Want to know how to pop the cork at home?

Watch this video to get the most out of your LymFatic Gloves and get your boobs wiggling for weight loss, detox and vibrant energy: 

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