Hello and a huge welcome to the CJ&CO Circulate family!

You have taken a great step towards a healthier, more vibrant life, and we’re so excited to be part of your journey.

Getting Started

Before going any further you need to register your 24-month warranty, this can be done via the QR code found in the user manual which came with your Circulate or via the QR code on screen.

All you need to do is fill in your details and the serial number for your appropriate system, the serial number can be found on the front of the white box or on the back of the motor unit it will look something like this: BT – 6KQBD2023LO5 – 0892

Basic Use

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Compression Settings

In depth compression mode descriptions can be found on pages 4-6 in your user manual, here we will recommend the best starting guide to compression therapy, please be aware that this can alter slightly depending on your health condition or familiarity with compression devices.

Mode 1 – 30-80mmHg

Starting Point: Start here is you have never used compression therapy before. Remember, there should never be any pain when using the Circulate, if you experience pain, lower the pressure until it is gone

Lymphatic Diseases: If you have any type of lymphatic disease, start here at 30mmHg and gradually work your way up as you progress.

Post-Injury or Surgery: If you are recovering from an injury or surgical procedure, this is the best place to start as it is the most gentle

Mode 2 – Pressure to your liking

Next Progression: After getting comfortable with mode 1 and a pressure that is right for you mode 2 is the next progression

Sports Recovery: Weather your novice gym-goer or a seasoned athlete this is the mode for you

Evening Use: Great for use in the evening to relax and unwind, promoting better sleep by alleviating discomfort and triggering your paratympanic system

Pain Management: Can help with pain management for those experiencing chronic pain or sore muscles from training

Whats Next?

We have only covered modes 1-2 here as the other modes can be approached in the same way. Once you have gotten comfortable with the circulate feel free to experiment and find the mode you like best

Special Features

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Troubleshooting & Support

Common Issues and Solutions

Unusual Sounds or Pumping Failure: If you notice that your Circulate is making unusual sounds or is failing to fully inflate a chamber, please take a moment to examine all of the connection hoses for any kinks or twists as this stops the air from flowing through.

Contact Us

If you encounter any issues that cant be resolved by trouble shooting, or simply want to ask a few questions please reach out to us, we’re here to help!


Below are some of the commonly asked questions we receive. If you need assistance with another issue, please contact our support staff via the form above.

Look back at section 2, the video here will walk to you through the steps.

By changing the mode and pressure settings from your motor, if you need more help with this see the video in section 2.

Yes, you can even use it 2 times a day, if you would like a more detailed answer appropriate for your personal goals please call our clinic or contact us via email.

Each session should typically last about 30 minutes to an hour, you can certainly go over an hour but we don’t recommend anything lower than 30 minutes.

Lower the pressure setting and wear a thicker peace of clothing on the chosen body part, if this does not help please contact us and we can help

You can clean the attachments by using a wet wipe on the inside and outside.

Refer to section 4 where we will show you how in the video.

Yes you can, circulate falls under medical equipment and does not get counted towards your carry on weight.

  1. Go through the Chelsey Jean self lymphatic massage routine first
  2. Make sure you are well hydrated
  3. Be in a relaxed and comfortable setting

If the pressure feels too high simply lower it to a level at which you feel comfortable, visa versa.