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EMS IR Press

EMS IR Press


How does it work?

When the body’s core temperature is increased, cardiac output is boosted in response. The heart rate rises in order to circulate blood at a faster pace and facilitate sweat production, which helps train and strengthen the cardiac muscles. The metabolic rate is also increased, while diastolic blood pressure drops, leading to improved cardiovascular fitness. Meanwhile, the infrared heat stimulates endorphin release, which helps improve energy and healing, while the removal of lactic acid build-up soothes tense and sore muscles.

Infrared Therapy + EMS + Compression = R E S U L T S

Our IR-Press treatment stimulates your muscles with Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology before dropping you into a parasympathetic state of rest and digest with waves of deep lymphatic compression. Whether you are recovering from injury or ready to look great in bikinis, our body sculpting session will stimulate targeted areas of your body for re-education and re-shaping.

At our CJ Lymphatic clinics IR-Press sessions utilise EMS and infrared technology to provide many of the cardiovascular conditioning benefits of continuous exercise. During a 60-minute session, your body can receive a workout similar to that of an 8 hour gym session, while the detox achieved through FAR infrared perspiration provides a more productive detox than a marathon. Sweating boosts endorphins, improves cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and releases muscle tension, making it the perfect complement to any lifestyle.

This technology is one of the most advanced and result-driven treatments for muscle and skin toning, fat burning, body remodelling, & detoxification

What is Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

EMS combines currents of electrostimulation with far infrared and full body lymphatic compression, scientifically proven to achieve visible results faster on the inside and out.

It applies electrical impulses to the muscles via electrodes placed on the skin. The electrical impulses mimic the action potential that would normally be generated by the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract and relax.

EMS can be used for a variety of purposes, including muscle rehabilitation after injury, muscle strengthening, and athletic performance enhancement. It can also be used for pain relief and as a form of physical therapy.

At Advanced Lymphatic Health we can help you lose weight, tone up, recover and detox all while being supported by our lymphatic health specialists. This treatment includes a lymphatic massage on your chest, arms, and face while the machine works the rest of your body. This will be followed by a massage on the rest of the body and a compression session.


What is Infrared?

The IR-Press uses infrared waves have the ability to positively alter the body’s tissues by penetrating below the surface of the skin, generating mitochondrial activity and effectively circulating heat.

Considered to be an affordable, safe, and extremely effective way to:

Our EMS IR Press treatment can give your body an extra push to eliminate toxins through sweat, unblocking lymphatic stagnancy and allowing flow

Frequently Asked Questions

A FLOWpresso session for an adult lasts between 35 and 45 minutes. Still, we recommend allowing a full hour to account for the time it takes to get in and out of the suit and adjust pressure and temperature settings to each individual. Children under 14 will have a shorter session.

You are fully clothed and assisted by a trained technician who helps you into the suit that applies the treatment.

You will be in one of our private treatment rooms. You lie horizontally on a treatment table with your feet, legs, abdomen, and arms enclosed in the FLOWpresso suit. We offer headphones, an eye mask, and relaxing essential oils to enhance your FLOWpresso session.

Just relax. Sleep if you wish. Listen to the music and breathe in the essential oils. This session is your time to Relax, Repair, Recover & Rejuvenate. 

Typically, 1-2 sessions per week are often followed by a detoxifying ionic foot bath session. 

The number of FLOWpresso sessions recommended will depend on the person and their reason for having FLOWpresso™ sessions. Our recommendation is to have a minimum of three to six sessions.

Side effects are very similar to a massage or Lymphatic Therapy, e.g., increased urination, bowel motion, and headache. We suggest drinking at least 1-2 glasses of water before each session to get the full effects and 1-2 glasses post-therapy. The body will be in detoxification mode and may get dehydrated.

  • Heart disease, especially if increased blood flow is detrimental, e.g., congestive heart failure or uncontrolled high BP
  • Pregnancy
  • Acute infection of the affected limb, e.g., cellulitis
  • Acute/chronic bronchitis
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Fractures
  • Electronic medical implants