This Brisbane Naturopath has taken Australia by storm with her fun and easy approach to health

In the vibrant heart of Brisbane, Chelsey Jean has taken Australia by storm with her dynamic and engaging approach to health. As a slightly-wild naturopath, Chelsey believes that taking control of your health should be fun and accessible. So, when Chelsey hit the online scene in 2020, things started to change fast! Chelsey’s 2-minute lymphatic cleansing sequence and generous approach in the Facebook Group, BooB CamP, has empowered thousands of women (over 12,700 and counting), making her a leader in the field of lymphatic health.

The 2-Minute Lymphatic Cleansing Sequence

Chelsey’s journey begins with a simple yet effective 2-minute lymphatic cleansing sequence. The process starts by “popping the cork” at the chest, a crucial step to ensure lymphatic flow. This is followed by rubbing the boobs and other areas using her specially designed lymphatic gloves. These gloves, featuring magnetic balls on one side and gentle spikes on the other, provide a unique and stimulating massage that enhances circulation and promotes detoxification.

Revolutionary Products: From Creams to Compression Therapy

The best way to get started is with Chelsey Jean’s Special Bundle which sets you up for success. The bundle is incredible value, as it includes:

The best way to get started is with Chelsey Jean’s Special Bundle which sets you up for success. The bundle is incredible value, as it includes:

  • 1 x 250ml LymFATics cream
  • 1 x 250ml MAGfatics spray
  • 1 x 125ml FACEbiotics cream
  • 1 x box Konjac sponges (2 sponges)
  • 1 x set Dual-Action Lymphatic Gloves
  • 1 x CJ Swag Bag
  • Plus a FREE 2hr Body Wisdom Workshop recording valued at $295 (we will send you a QR code in your kit)
  • Get Chelsey Jean's high-quality magnesium spray (MAGfatics) in the Special Bundle.

    For those seeking the full benefits of an at-home lymphatic massage, Chelsey Jean created the CJ&CO Compression Therapy system and it’s nothing short of extraordinary. This system offers a feeling just like a big hug, with six pneumatic therapy zones and carefully designed pressure levels. Two people can use it at once, there are extenders so that it’s suitable for all sizes, and you can literally settle down on your lounge and watch a movie while it works its magic. People living with lymphoedema and lipedema particularly praise this system for its life-changing benefits.

    Because the CJ&CO Circulate Compression Therapy system is covered by NDIS, participants in the NDIS scheme are able to access the benefits easily as well.

    Chelsey Jean's CJ&CO Circulate Compression Therapy System is a game-changer for people living with lymphedema, lipodema, or who want to generally improve their circulation. It's also amazing for recovering after a workout!

    Training and Licensing: Empowering Wellness Professionals

    Chelsey’s impact extends beyond her products. Through her Lymphatics Alive workshop, she trains wellness professionals, sharing her knowledge and techniques to broaden the reach of her approach. Moreover, she now offers licenses for wellness professionals to incorporate the Chelsey Jean brand into their practice, providing them with the tools and support needed to enhance their services.

    If you're a wellness practitioner interested in learning how to make lymphatic health fun, and to teach your clients how to take control of their health, don't miss Chelsey Jean's Lymphatics Alive Workshop.

    A Thriving Community: BooB CamP on Facebook

    Chelsey’s BooB CamP Facebook group is a thriving community with over 12,700 women. In this group, she runs free training sessions every few weeks, offering invaluable guidance and support. The testimonials from women in the group highlight Chelsey’s generosity and the profound impact she has had on their lives. Her dedication to helping others is evident in every aspect of her work.

    Join the Revolution

    Chelsey Jean’s innovative approach has transformed the way women view and manage their health. Her products and training programs offer a fun, effective, and accessible path to better health. Whether you are interested in her lymphatic cleansing sequence, curious about her beautiful creams and sprays, or eager to experience the CJ&CO Compression Therapy system, Chelsey has something to offer you.

    If you are a wellness professional looking to expand your practice, consider joining Chelsey’s network through her franchise and licensing program. Click here to learn more about her products and the licensing opportunity today, and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

    Explore Chelsey Jean’s products and learn more about the licensing opportunity at Chelsey Jean Lymphatics. Join the BooB CamP group on Facebook for free training and become part of a community dedicated to making health fun and accessible.

    Chelsey Jean is more than a naturopath; she is a revolution in the making. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this exciting journey towards better health.