Understanding Edema

Edema – also known as hydroposy, is a medical condition in which an excessive amount of fluid accumulates beneath the skin. If you fall and hit your knee, for example, fluid may fill the joint to the point that it leads to severe pain, discomfort, as well as limited mobility. While you can have the fluid surgically drained by a physician, the more common, less invasive option is to seek massage therapy to help move this fluid through the body.

Nature’s Process: How Lymphatic Massage may Help Manage Edema

Targeting the Swell:

Edema is known to cause uncomfortable swelling in various parts of the body. However, with lymphatic massage, excess fluid is promoted through the lymphatic system, alleviating this swelling and encouraging healthy fluid movement through the body.

Pain and Discomfort Alleviation:

Edema is known to cause major pain and discomfort for individuals. This is why lymphatic massage can be so beneficial for those suffering – through gentle pressure, pain is alleviated. More so, relaxation and comfort is promoted, further leading to decreased discomfort and better quality of life.

Boosting Circulation:

Circulation can impact Edema greatly, especially poor circulation, which is known to exacerbate Edema and its side effects. However, lymphatic massage is great for enhancing circulation, promoting the efficient removal of excess fluids from the body, making it a great aid for those living with Edema.

Promoting Holistic Wellbeing:

Living with Edema goes beyond just the pain or discomfort, there’s a number of stressors associated both physically and mentally. Of course, living with any form of condition can put a high amount of pressure on an individual, as well as reduce confidence, even leading to depression in some. This is why lymphatic massage can be so beneficial: it’s not just there to promote healthy movement of fluids, but also provides mental relaxation and emotional wellbeing. Ideal for those living with this condition.

FAQs Unlocked:

Is Lymphatic Massage safe for everyone?

Lymphatic massages are safe for almost everyone. It’s been proven to help with a variety of conditions, including Edema, Lymphedema, Arthritis and more. However, if you’re experiencing heart problems, kidney failure, or an infection, it’s best to speak with a professional about whether or not you’re able to participate in this form of massage.

Are there any side effects of Lymphatic Massage?

In a lymphatic massage, the process involves a lot of movement of fluids and removal of toxins. Which is incredibly beneficial. However, when it comes to your body processing this change, there can be some side effects that may surprise you. Headaches, nausea, and fatigue are all common, as well as flu like symptoms. But worry not! This is not a sign of adverse effects, merely the sign of your body processing this detoxification. If these side effects continue too long, we definitely recommend speaking to a professional. But we always encourage our patients to prepare for 2-3 days of strange side effects before you start feeling amazing!

Adding Lymphatic Massage to your Daily Routine for Edema

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