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Join us for our community events!

3-Day BooB CamP

Feeling unmotivated to get back in control of your health? (And sick and tired of watching others do it … knowing, deep down, you’re not giving yourself the advantage you deserve?

I’m inviting you to join me for 3 days as we dive into all the things you may not have thought about to do for your health.

It’ll help you overcome everything you’re fearing today, so you can take back control of your life and health, and finally feel the confidence spill over.

It’s been making a real difference in the lives of many, and I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

We begin on Monday, June 3rd at 7:30 pm AEST followed by Tuesday and Wednesday, live via our BooB CamP Facebook Group or Zoom, for those that aren’t regular Facebook users.

If you’re joining via Facebook, make sure you head on over to Facebook and join us in our interactive support group. AND TURN NOTIFICATIONS ON!

If you’re joining via Zoom, be sure to set a reminder on your phone, with the Zoom link attached, so you can jump in on time on the night!

Mark in your diary NOW that each day starts at 7:30 pm AEST/8:30 pm AEDT

The Wellness Wave Mackay

Join us at The Wellness Wave Mackay for a day of interaction with guest speakers Chelsey Jean and Mark Porter

About This Event

Come join us at the Mackay Surf Life Saving Supporters Club Inc for the opportunity to Dive into a variety of wellness activities and speakers from lymphatics , gut health , parasites to IV therapies all designed to help you ride the wave of well-being for anyone looking to enhance their wellness journey.

Connect with like-minded individuals, learn from experienced wellness practitioners, and discover new ways to prioritize your health. Whether you’re a wellness enthusiast or just starting your journey, this event is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in all things health and wellness.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to catch The Wellness Wave Mackay – see you there! Refreshments , Tea /Coffee, Snacks provided

JPC Ladies Lunch – Women and Wellness

Please join us for an afternoon with the ladies of John Paul College at The Calile Grand Ballroom on Saturday 13 July.

About This Event

Enjoy a cocktail afternoon of canapés and champagne with a focus on health and wellness. Our three incredible guest speakers will weave us through an afternoon highlighting the importance of women’s health.

Come alone, come with a friend and book your tickets for this extravagant cocktail-style event. With no designated seating required, this cocktail-style event is an opportunity to further connect with many incredible women within our community.

Boss Babes and Bubbly Networking Event

Chelsey will be one of the panellists, alongside two other inspiring women, to share your insights and motivate our guests.

About This Event

The Boss Babes and Bubbly networking event is an energetic gathering crafted to uplift and honour female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. It serves as a vibrant platform for women to forge connections, foster collaborations, and celebrate their entrepreneurial journeys in a supportive community of peers. This event proposes to feature influential speakers, interactive panel discussions, and insightful workshops, all thoughtfully curated to address the diverse needs of businesswomen.

Tailored especially for small businesses in Brisbane, attendees can expect tailored content that resonates with their entrepreneurial pursuits. Moreover, Boss Babes and Bubbly aims to provide invaluable networking opportunities, allowing attendees to engage with sponsors, partners, and fellow entrepreneurs, paving the way for meaningful relationships and potential collaborations.

With a steadfast commitment to empowerment, celebration, and growth, Boss Babes and Bubbly endeavours to leave a lasting impact on businesswomen, equipping them with the tools and connections needed to thrive in the business landscape. Through fostering collaboration with other businesses, this event aims to create a fertile ground for collective growth and success, empowering women to achieve their goals and aspirations while championing the spirit of entrepreneurship