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CJ&CO Circulate Compression

CJ&CO Circulate Compression

Rediscover Mobility - Revolutionise Your Recovery with CJ&CO Circulate

Lymphatic Relief

In our busy lives, we all feel tired or swollen sometimes, some of us even have a hard time moving around easily

This is where the CJ&CO CIRCULATE comes in

You can feel better, move easier, and get back to enjoying life. Let's see how it can make a difference for you.

pneumatic compression system


  • Heavy swollen legs
  • Muscle recovery
  • Relaxation
  • Lymphatic diseases
  • Pre & Post surgery
  • Weight loss
  • Circulation
  • Increasing energy
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Stress reduction


  • Fits most body shapes and sizes 
  • Is designed to improve lymphatic flow
  • Has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Is light weight and easy to use
  • Lets you use on yourself AND with a freind


sports recovery compression

Kiri M

I can’t believe I can have the Chelsey Jean massage experience at home, very cool! I always feel I am walking on clouds after I use them.

athlete recovery

Zane M

Playing basketball 6 times a week is hard but ever since I have started using the circulate my legs are feeling 100 times better. Ive been using it every night for 45 minutes and have noticed the difference in my mobility and my stiffness.

compression therapy

Shelley P

These compression pumps are amazing. I have Lipoedema and use them for 30minutes twice a day. My legs are feeling softer and the pain has reduced.

CJ&CO circulate compression

Neil H

After working hard each day 1 hour in the circulate not only makes my legs feel fresh but also calms my mind, I actually fall asleep within 5 minutes. I can now ride my bike up the hills a lot easier with less pain.

compression therapy for sports recovery

Karen B

After recently having liposuction on my legs, buttocks and hips I’ve started using my CJ&CO Circulate to reduce the inflammation and swelling, 7 days later and I am loving it, best investment ever.

lymphatic drainage compression therapy

Jennifer H

After having knee surgery i was quite upset and did not think I was going to be able to move freely again, with Chelsey’s recommendation i started using my Circulate daily on my hips as well as my legs, the doctors were amazed with my progress.

Redefining Compression Therapy - The CJ&CO Difference


The Circulate has more compression chambers then any other device, ensuring comprehensive and targeted air compression to your entire body


The unique ability for two people to benefit simultaneously from the 1 motor, perfect for couples, friends or family sessions


We offer 6 tailored therapeutic experience to math your individual needs


Every leg, arm and shorts attachment comes with extenders giving you the ability to add 10cm to the over width, perfect for in clinic work with a range of differently sized people

compression boots
waist compression
Sport recovery cmpression

Circulation is for EVERYONE


In the comfort of your home, the CJ&CO Circulate offers a revolutionary approach to well-being. Designed to boost lymphatic health, enhance mobility, and speed up recovery, this device is a game-changer in compression therapy. Whether you’re seeking post-workout relief, preparing for a surgical procedure, or simply aiming to improve daily wellness, the Circulate is your at-home solution. Dive in to discover how this device can transform your health journey.


The CJ&CO Circulate is specifically designed for people, especially those within the NDIS program, who encounter circulation-related challenges. The essence of well-being hinges largely on effective lymphatic flow which the circulate aims to enhance. Allowing NDIS members to reap significant health improvements and positively influence their everyday living.


As a dedicated practitioner, you understand the importance of offering only the best to your clients. The CJ&CO Circulate compression device is here to take your services to the next level. Built with advanced technology, it’s tailored for professional use, ensuring your clients receive unparalleled lymphatic compression relief and enhanced mobility. Beyond its health benefits, the Circulate serves as a testament to your commitment to innovative care, differentiating your practice in a competitive market.

Backed by science - Used by health professionals

Sujanya Iyengar - Recovery Rehab Physio

“Pneumatic compression therapy using the CJ&CO Circulate is a valuable tool in my physiotherapy clinic, offering numerous physiological, mechanical, and chemical benefits. By enhancing lymphatic circulation, reducing swelling, and supporting the the immune system, LDT provides a holistic approach to managing various conditions related to lymphatic dysfunction. Its evidence-based clinical reasoning makes it a valuable treatment option in physiotherapy for a wide range of patients, from post-surgical individuals to those with chronic inflammatory conditions.”

Still Deciding? Let Us Answer Your Personal Questions

Book a call with Chelsey and her team now to answer all of your questions and to see which CJ&CO Circulate option is best for you


What is the pressure range?

80-260 mmHg

How many compression modes are there?

There are 6 compression modes

What are the time ranges?

Time in the Circulate ranges from 10-90 minutes, however you may add time when you get close to finished

How do i clean and maintain the Circulate?

We recommend to wipe down the motor plus all of your attachments with a damp, clean cloth or any antiseptic wipe then dry with a clean cloth or trowel. The motor, hoses and attachment require no routine maintenance or service outside of a clean every few months.

Do you offer any warranty or guarantees?

We have a 24-month warranty on all parts of the Circulate

Is there any age limit to use the Circulate?

The minimum age we recommend is 12 years old, however it is fine for children younger to use the Circulate with parent supervision at a low pressure

Can i use the Circulate while im asleep?

Yes you sure can