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What is The Chelsey Jean LymFATic Sequence?

The Chelsey Jean LymFATic Sequence was born from years of clinical research and a deep passion and respect for detoxification and the lymphatic system. The sequence is an easy-to-follow process that you can incorporate into your life easily, for around 2 minutes per day! The ‘Success is in the Sequence’ and the best place to […]

What is the lymphatic massage sequence designed to do?

To make you look and feel better through the use of your lymphatic system of course! The sequence has been designed with ease of use in mind, with incredible results. Following the sequence daily and giving yourself some lymph love is an often-overlooked way to self-care and maintain wellness. The method is effective at moving […]

What is BooB CamP?

BooB CamP is a dynamic, supportive, rapidly growing Facebook community that is interactive, engaging and educational. If you haven’t joined the community please request to join here. Once a month, Chelsey Jean hosts 3 x 30-minute workshops over 3 evenings where the LymFATic sequence and how to use the LymFATic products take center stage. It […]

Why is lymphatic flow important?

There is an approximate 15L internal sewerage and transportation system in your body.  It is a mostly liquid system full of toxic bodily and cellular waste. As our lives are far more sedentary than our ancestors, we don’t move as much as we should meaning lymphatic flow is diminished and we slowly become congested. Other […]

What is the Lymphatic System?

In short, the lymphatic system is one of the most understated systems in the human body with the biggest job to do. A massive network of tissues and tiny organs that assist in removing toxins, waste and other unwanted materials from the body. The main function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, delivering […]

What is the Glymphatic System?

The recent discovery of this brain drainage system highlights just how underrated the Lymphatic system is by the medical world. Only recently discovered and termed the “glymphatic system” it is responsible for the removal of waste within the central nervous system (brain, spinal column and face). Chelsey will teach you a drainage sequence that supports […]

What’s in the LymFATics cream and why does it work so well?

Together with the Magnetic Massage Gloves, the Detox and Drain LymFATic Cream was Chelsey’s first creation. Wanting to supercharge detoxification and add in her Naturopathic love, this lightweight lymph loving cream has proven extraordinary results. An expertly curated blend of botanicals work in synergy to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the lymphatic system. It’s […]

Why MAGfatics and how does this work?

The active ingredients in MAGfatics work in synergy to improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation fast and stimulate recovery through the lymphatic system. It’s lightweight, non-toxic formula leaves the skin wonderfully hydrated and doesn’t leave any oily residue like other magnesium sprays. Keep this spray handy for any sore parts of your body and even use it […]

What is FACEbiotics and how will it help me?

The FACEbiotics cream was built out of wanting to create a face lymphatic drainage that was not costly, complicated, and in most cases full of chemicals. Chelsey Jean set out to change this, and quickly developed what we now know as FACEbiotics. What sets this cream apart from many others on the market is the […]

What makes your gloves so good? How do they help your body and Lymphatics?

Made from medical grade silicone, these gloves were designed with ease of use, time saving healthcare and of course results driven functionality in mind. The double-sided glove has an important process in the sequence and will outperform the normal bristle brush you may have tried before.   The Spiky Side You can use this side […]

Is this helpful for lipoedema?

Lipoedema essentially means “fluid around fat” while the fluid is in fact lymph, the fat is fat, and it can be painful. Many have reported that they experience less aches and throbbing from the lipoedema sites when using the system, however this takes special care when starting to remove it, however expert medical management will […]

Is this system helpful for fluid retention/oedema?

Absolutely! Regularly moving your lymph encourages it to drain and clean, and reminds the system that it CAN move! Many people report this system helping with lower limb swelling after a day at work and see noticeable improvements within a few weeks of starting with the system. Especially helpful for after surgery or times when […]

I have an autoimmune condition; can I benefit from this system?

There are many studies that highlight the importance surrounding lymphatic flow and autoimmune conditions. Many of Chelsey’s personal clients and our members in BooB CamP report great results from using the sequence as a helpful support for various autoimmune conditions. As with any medical condition, please check with your physician prior to implementing any wellness changes.

How do I clean my gloves?

We suggest using a gentle soap to clean your gloves, you can remove the balls through the clasps that secure the balls. It is good to do a deep clean once a month and remove all the balls and clean out the casing.

I can only do the front of my body – do you need to do the back side of the body?

The lymphatic pathways are similar on your back as they are your front, however many find it hard to reach the mid back area. The concentration of lymphatic junctions occurs on your front (breasts/under arm, stomach, crotch) and special attention is given to these “plugs” through the sequence. For ease of use without compromising the […]

Are bruises normal? Is my cellulite going to look worse once I start?

Toxicity doesn’t just happen overnight! Over years and years of your lifespan, we are exposed to toxic elements and with our sedentary lifestyle, stagnant lymphatics are part and parcel with a toxic system. It is common once you commence on the protocol that your cellulite will appear to be worse, more dimpled and deeper. This […]

How soon should you start seeing weight loss results?

How long is a piece of string? Again, every individual is different and there are many factors that can contribute to weight gain and weight loss. Generally speaking, many of our members start to notice changes to their weight and appearance of skin tone and weight loss within 2 to 6 weeks of consistent use […]

Can you use the gloves too hard?

The goal of the sequence is to be gentle. You do not need to be rough or use hard pressure to effectively benefit from the gloves and move your lymphatic fluid and start to detox and drain. If you do use the gloves with firm pressure, you may notice you bruise and have general ache […]

Will this help with abdominal fat post menopause?

Yes! This will help. Lymphatic fluid is attracted to fat. It all moves in accordance with the balances of oestrogen and progesterone – so if you start supporting your lymphatic system, you are also helping liver function and hormones, you will start to see changes!