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The Ultimate DIY Guide to Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The idea of self-massage can bring up some, shall we say, quirky mental images. In reality, it is the lymphatic revelation you’ve been waiting for! The DIY revolution has us screwing together furniture, painting bathrooms, baking our own bread and yet most people are still a little wary of DIY when it comes to massage […]

Puffy eye bags (What they might be trying to tell you)

Are you packing enough eye baggage for a three week trip to the Caribbean? If only that was the case! Eye bags are the excess luggage of the lymphatics world and we’re on a mission to be rid of them. So what is with those stubborn bags and is there anything that can be done? […]

Less is more: 5 things to do LESS of to help reduce lymphoedema.

Struggling with swelling, fatigue, sluggish detox and every other symptom of lymphatic congestion under the sun? Trawling the internet and adding to the ever-growing list of things you need to do get your lymph draining? You’ll want to read on. In the world of lymphatics, the question on everyone’s lips is: “What can I do […]

How surgery slows natural detoxification flow

How surgery slows natural detoxification flow Aside from the physical damage during the surgery itself, the nature of surgery means that it affects more than just the region of the body you are being operated on. For instance, our body relies on its own natural detoxification processes to help us recover from surgery, yet surgery […]

How Lymphatic Massage benefits you both Pre and Post Surgery

How Lymphatic Massage benefits you both Pre and Post Surgery Surgery certainly puts a special kind of stress on the body. Whether the surgery is elected or unavoidable, all procedures have one very important thing in common. I’m not talking about the cocktail of pain meds you will be sent home with – I’m talking […]

Sore heavy boobs? Think of your lymph.

Sore heavy boobs? Think of your lymph.  Nobody needs sore boobs literally weighing them down all day every day. I know you have enough to worry about without having to categorise your bra collection according to their size and weight requirements across the month! Not to mention actually tracking down a bra that provides the […]

What is toxic fat and do I have it?

What is toxic fat and do I have it? We all have fat. How much we have of it and what type we hold on to is what matters most! So what is the difference between different types of fat and when should you be concerned? Lipoedema is the name given to the situation when […]

The Year It All Started

Looking back twenty five years ago some may have cringe and some may laugh at the memories that pop into their head. It was another era, a chapter that they have long closed. For me? It opened up more possibilities than I could have ever imagined! Twenty five years ago I started to work on […]

How to Make Your Morning Routine Better with One Step

Morning routines are a funny thing, they have been glorified for the past few years, becoming more extensive than ever in order to create “success”. Youtube “My Morning Routine” and just look at how many videos come up. Some are just plain unrealistic. Whatever happened to waking up and taking simple steps into preparing yourself […]

The World of Lymphatics

The world of lymphatics is not one that many seem to dip their feet into, even though many walk around not knowing that their suffering is from lymphatic sickness and blockages. Although the world is opening its eyes to the benefits of lymphatic drainage and how much of our body is connected to the lymphatic […]

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