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Ease Your Edema: Discover Lymphatic Massage

Understanding Edema Edema – also known as hydroposy, is a medical condition in which an excessive amount of fluid accumulates beneath the skin. If you fall and hit your knee, for example, fluid may fill the joint to the point that it leads to severe pain, discomfort, as well as limited mobility. While you can […]

Lymphatic Massage: Your Detoxification Ally

Understanding Detoxification: Why it Matters for Your Health Detoxification is a process that rids your body of various toxins. It aids in strengthening the immune system, rejuvenates skin and boosts your mental health, among many other benefits. It can help bring balance back to your life and help your systems function correctly. And for some […]

Energise Your Life: CFS and Lymphatic Massage

Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS): Myalgic encephalomyelitis, more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complex and disabling disease. The World Health Organization classified this syndrome as a neurological disorder, though it affects many systems of the body, including the brain, muscles, digestion, immune and cardiac systems.  Chronic fatigue syndrome can make it […]

Lymphatic Massage for Acne + Rosacea Relief

Understanding Acne and Rosacea Acne is a common skin condition that a number of people experience – notably through puberty or periods of hormonal changes. It occurs when hair follicles under the skin become clogs, whether from oil or dead skin cells, leading to outbreaks of pimples or zits. Rosacea is another form of acne, […]

Smooth Skin: Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite

Understanding Cellulite: Causes, Types, and Impact Enhancing Lymphatic Drainage: Cellulite can often occur from a buildup of fluids and toxins in the fat layers beneath the skin. Lymphatic massage can work to stimulate lymphatic drainage, helping the body efficiently remove excess fluid and toxins, potentially reducing the appearance of cellulite dimples and promoting smoother skin.  […]

Healthy Legs: Lymphatic Massage for Vein Issues!

Understanding Chronic Venous Insufficiency Chronic Venous Insufficiency is a condition in which the veins have difficulty moving blood back to the heart. While it most often affects veins in the legs, it can sometimes also occur in the arms.  It typically develops from conditions such as varicose veins, but can also occur if clots, such […]

Why Every Home Needs A CJ&CO Circulate

The All-in-One Solution for Lymphatic Health The CJ&CO Circulate isn't just a device—it's a comprehensive solution to myriad health concerns tied to our lymphatic system. From reducing inflammation and combating daily fatigue to aiding post-injury recovery, this device caters to a spectrum of needs, making it indispensable for contemporary households. Think of all the therapy [...]

Why Every Practitioner Should Have a CJ&CO Circulate

Unlocking the Benefits of Lymphatic Flow Pneumatic compression therapy, especially when using the CJ&CO Circulate, has become an indispensable tool in my physiotherapy clinic. Not just for its mechanical benefits, but for the profound physiological and chemical advantages it brings. Enhancing lymphatic circulation, mitigating swelling, and bolstering the immune system, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) offers [...]

A Must Have for NDIS Patients – CJ&CO Circulate

Unlocking the Benefits of Lymphatic Flow As we strive for better health and enhanced well-being, discovering and harnessing innovative health solutions becomes crucial. Chelsey Jean's lymphatic services, in particular the pioneering CJ&CO Circulate compression devices and related products, stand out as powerful tools tailored for individuals under the NDIS program facing circulation-related challenges. The lymphatic [...]

Liposuction? Read This First

Loving your Lymphatic System Hi There! I hear your about to embark on a transformative journey with liposuction. That's fantastic news! But amidst all the excitement and anticipation, there's something I want to talk about. It's a part of your body that's going to play a big role in this journey – your lymphatic system. [...]

Transform Your Lymphatic Health with CJ&CO Circulate Compression Therapy

Are you struggling with lymphedema or lipedema? These common conditions, caused by a blockage in your lymphatic system, can lead to uncomfortable swelling in the arms or legs. But there's a natural, effective way to find relief: compression therapy. In fact, the CJ&CO Circulate compression device has been specially designed to help you combat these [...]

Benefits of Compression Therapy During & After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special phase of life marked by immense joy and anticipation. However, it also presents unique challenges to the body. As the baby grows, expectant mothers may experience physical discomforts such as swelling, varicose veins, and aches. A relatively simple, non-invasive approach to managing these discomforts is compression therapy. In this post, we'll [...]

Unwinding with Compression Therapy

In today's fast-paced world, finding effective ways to relax and recover is more crucial than ever. While many people understand the importance of physical recovery, the role of relaxation, particularly the role of the parasympathetic nervous system, is often overlooked. In this blog post, we'll explore how compression therapy devices like CJ&CO Circulate not only [...]
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Post Surgery Recovery

Recovering from any surgery to your pre-surgery performance level is everyone's goal. We can turn into reality with the help of the CJ&CO Circulate post surgery recovery compression system. Pneumatic compression therapy has been around forever but  CJ&CO Circulate takes this to the next level. It helps you to recover faster and more comfortably in [...]

The Ultimate DIY Guide to Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The idea of self-massage can bring up some, shall we say, quirky mental images. In reality, it is the lymphatic revelation you’ve been waiting for! The DIY revolution has us screwing together furniture, painting bathrooms, baking our own bread and yet most people are still a little wary of DIY when it comes to massage […]

Puffy eye bags (What they might be trying to tell you)

Are you packing enough eye baggage for a three week trip to the Caribbean? If only that was the case! Eye bags are the excess luggage of the lymphatics world and we’re on a mission to be rid of them. So what is with those stubborn bags and is there anything that can be done? […]

Less is more: 5 things to do LESS of to help reduce lymphoedema.

Struggling with swelling, fatigue, sluggish detox and every other symptom of lymphatic congestion under the sun? Trawling the internet and adding to the ever-growing list of things you need to do get your lymph draining? You’ll want to read on. In the world of lymphatics, the question on everyone’s lips is: “What can I do […]

How to Pop your Cork: Chelsey Jean Lymphatic Glove Sequence

In the quest for better health and overall well-being, traditional body brushing has long been used as a method to stimulate the lymphatic system. However, after years of experience in my own clinic and working with numerous bodies, I have discovered a specific sequence for optimizing lymphatic flow. As a result, I have developed a […]

Special Bundle: What Our Products Do

In the pursuit of a healthy and radiant body, it’s essential to take care of both the inside and outside. By nurturing our lymphatic system internally and nourishing our skin externally, we can achieve a holistic approach to wellness. Introducing the Chelsey Jean Special Bundle – a comprehensive collection of products designed to revolutionize your […]