Whether you’re a high-performing athlete, have kids that love to push themselves at their sport-of-choice, or are just a gym-regular, the CJ&CO Circulate Compression Therapy is a great solution for repairing after strenuous activity.

Here’s everything you need to know about why CJ&CO Compression Therapy is a winner for athletes!

What is the CJ&CO Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy, at its core, is designed to improve circulation. Devices like the CJ&CO Circulate system use controlled pressure to increase blood flow, encouraging your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the area. This, in turn, aids in muscle recovery, reduces swelling and inflammation, and is known to enhance overall well-being.

With a CJ&CO Circulate system, you can experience done-for-you compression therapy, perfect for when you’re looking to heal after strenuous exercise, and don’t have the time to stop by for a massage after every workout.

Instead, the calibrated compression gently massages your limbs, to help you experience relief in your muscles – all from the comfort of your home (or even your couch!)

“I have been playing a lot of sport for all of my junior life but nothing compares to the Circulate. After a big game or hours of training coming home to put the compression pants and shorts on helps my recovery tremendously. It’s easy and quick I can come home put on a movie and not wake up with sore and injury prone legs the next day. I definitely recommend the circulate for all athletes for all sports it is my favourite and the easiest form of recovery.”

Key benefits of CJ&CO Compression Therapy for athletes

There are a range of benefits to using the CJ&CO Circulate compression therapy, especially for athletes. Here are just some of the amazing, stand-out benefits to using this therapy system!

CJ&CO Compression Therapy for athletes

Enhanced Recovery Speed

With the CJ&CO Compression Therapy, athletes are able to recover faster from intense training sessions by increasing blood circulation. By promoting your body to get moving and your muscles to recover, athletes are able to experience less downtime and more productive training cycles.

So no more being thrown off your workout when leg-day treated you a bit rough! With just 30 minutes of compression therapy from the comfort of your couch, you’ll have no trouble healing up for your next trip to the gym ;)

Reduced Risk of Injury

Regular use of compression therapy can actually work to reduce the risk of injury by stabilising your muscles and decreasing vibrations during physical activities. Think about it like this: if you work out when your body is already dealing with some natural wear and tear, there’s a chance you’re going to experience some bite-back from your body.

But if you step into exercise with your muscles, your body, your blood flow, and everything ticking along properly? You’re not going to experience leaning on one side more than the other, or trying to overcompensate an ache or pain that hasn’t gone away. Instead, your body is revved and ready to perform, and you’re able to reduce the overall risk of injury in the long run.

Convenience and Comfort

Unlike traditional compression therapy systems that require a visit to a professional clinic, CJ&CO Circulate Compression therapy offers the exact same benefits – from the comfort of your home! This convenience means no more scheduling appointments or travelling to clinics, allowing more time for training and rest.

We all know how frustrating it is when you step out of a massage clinic feeling elegantly rejuvenated, only to have to jump into the car, crane over your wheel, and grit your teeth at every bad driver on the road …

When you do compression therapy from the comfort of your couch, you can experience the optimal level of relaxation and repair!

Improved performance

Improved blood circulation works to enhance oxygen delivery to muscles, which is vital for long-term performance. Athletes using the CJ&CO Circulate Compression therapy can experience improved endurance and strength, essential components for competitive sport.


Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, bodybuilder, hiker, regular team soccer player, or even have some overactive kids – CJ&CO Compression therapy is designed to meet the demands of various physical activities and can be tailored to suit specific needs.

In fact, the CJ&CO Circulate range goes beyond athletes. This compression therapy has been proven beneficial for those living with chronic pain, disability, or anyone who just wants to max out their health! It means that every time you sit down to “heal from a workout” you’re actually building a life-long system for good health in your body!

How to incorporate the CJ&CO Circulate Compression system into your workout recovery routine

If you want to incorporate the incredible benefits of compression therapy into your recovery routine as an athlete, the CJ&CO Circulate system is one of the best ways to do so.

cjandco circulate compression therapy - why you need it

There’s nothing quite like the CJ&CO Circulate Full Body system – including attachments for your legs, hips and arms, and a carry bag to ensure you’re able to complete your compression therapy on your entire body.

So whether your legs are sore, your arms are aching, or your whole body is a bit stiff – you’ll have no trouble getting those muscles back on track for top performance in your next exercise session.

All you need to do is put the system on, set up on the couch – switch that TV on for some added entertainment – and let the system do the work for you! With just 30 minutes, you’ll start experiencing the incredible benefits and relief from this compression therapy!

But don’t just take our word for it …

“… I can say they have made a difference in the way my legs feel. I try to use them most nights before bed and find it a nice way to wind down. The heavy feeling is reduced, and they help to reduce the pain and swelling in my legs and feet at the end of the day. I just have an overall feeling of improvement, mobility and softness in my legs. I do have the full system but find the legs are my favorite. Added bonus is the kids are using it when they feel overworked from sports or the gym.”

“I am absolutely loving my full body compression system. I use it nearly every day and so do the kids and hubby! I have noticed a big difference in my recovery after exercise and with my existing injuries! I love the separate attachments too so I can use different ones at different times.”

Don’t worry, if you’re not ready to grab the full body system just yet? You have many options to get you on-track to faster recovery and overall health. You can easily hire these systems, so you can try them on for size before committing. Or, you can discover a range of different solutions to increased blood flow and better healing through lymphatic massage. Discover our full range of wellness solutions here, ideal for athletes or anyone looking to take back control of their health!