Become a Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Licensee

Transform Your Wellness Practice

Unlock the potential of your wellness practice with the Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Licensee Program. For over 26 years, Chelsey Jean has been at the forefront of lymphatic health in Australia.

Now, you have the opportunity to join this movement and integrate proven lymphatic detoxification and support techniques into your business.

Why Become a Licensee?

  • Universal Benefits: Detoxing and supporting the lymphatic system benefits everyone, making this a valuable addition to any health practice.
  • Proven Business Model: Leverage our established and tested business model to build a successful practice.
  • Instant Brand Recognition: Benefit from the strong, respected Chelsey Jean brand name.
  • Training & Support: Receive comprehensive training and continuous support to help your business thrive.
  • Established Customer Base: Tap into an existing network of clients eager for high-quality lymphatic health services.

What’s Included?

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Chelsey Jean and Team, for six months
Gain invaluable insights and guidance directly from Chelsey Jean, Australia’s leader in making lymphatic health fun. Become part of our inner circle VIP, feel supported personally as your business thrives.

Tailored Marketing Plan and Template
Construct a robust marketing plan with our easy-to-use templates, designed to attract and retain clients.

Non-Exclusive Product Sales
Access our high-quality products with the flexibility to sell them alongside other brands.

Comprehensive Business Plan Support
Collaborate with us to build a strategic business plan that supports your growth and success.

Promotion and Exposure
Gain access to our group of over 12,700 women in Chelsey Jean’s BooB CamP. Enjoy highlights, get access to answer questions to position yourself as an expert in the group and stay top-of-mind with members in your area.

Affordable Licensing Fee
Upfront investment of $10,000 plus GST, which includes six months of intensive coaching, our lymphatics alive workshop and VIP day, Chelsey coming to you for an opening promotion, a full body CJ&CO Circulate compression system, website registration, and more. Maintain your licensee status for only $2,000 plus GST per month.

Enhanced Online Presence
Feature your services prominently with a direct link from the front page of

24/7 Access to the CJ Knowledge Library
Explore our extensive library of support materials anytime, anywhere.

Master Distributor Pricing
Purchase products at exclusive master distributor rates, maximising your profitability.

Continuous Operational Support
Benefit from ongoing support tailored to your business needs, as outlined in our agreement.

Products Available For Purchase

IR Press: Integrate advanced infrared therapy into your practice.

Energy Cocoon: Offer clients a unique wellness experience with our Cocoon product.

Lymphatic Massage Start-Up Pack: Equip your business with the essentials to deliver our famous in-clinic lymphatic massages.

All products are shipped directly to your door, with freight included in the invoice total.

Why Choose Chelsey Jean’s Licensing Program?

Joining our licensing program not only enhances your wellness practice but also provides you with the tools, knowledge, and support to stand out in the industry.

With Chelsey Jean’s expertise and resources at your disposal, you can confidently offer lymphatic health services and grow your client base.

Ready to Elevate Your Practice?

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a network of wellness professionals committed to excellence. Send us your details to get started and become a licensed provider with Chelsey Jean today!

Experience the difference. Transform lives. Become a Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Licensee.

When you partner with Chelsey Jean’s methods, resources and “can do” energy you’ll literally transform your wellness practice, by opening up the doors to the wonderful and rewarding world of lymphatics.