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Advanced Lymphatic Health Clinic Springfield

Advanced Lymphatic Health Clinic Springfield

Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Clinic

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Chelsey Jean Lymphatics Clinic - Springfield

2 Symphony Way Springfield Central QLD 4300

Monday – Friday: By Appointment

With over 27 years of Lymphatic experience, we may have the answers you have looked everywhere for and almost given up on. Our services that we offer in the clinic are holistic. It is not just a lymphatic massage (which we are the experts in) it can be a complete life overhaul by adding in our Naturopathic, weight loss, good gut, testing, and life coaching services.

Remove the confusion and be guided by our motivated team to rejuvenate and stimulate your lymphatic system, allowing for better immune health, metabolism, hormone transportation, and weight loss.

Advanced System

Our advanced lymphatic drainage clinic in Springfield, QLD is your go-to place for your lymphatic health needs. We know that a peak functioning lymphatic system is your body’s built-in sanitation centre and is instrumental in health and vitality.

Experienced Staff

If the lymph is not flowing well, the cells are poisoned from their own waste and the lymph fluid becomes a toxic cesspool, resulting in many negative side effects including fatigue, swelling, infection, inflammation, and weight gain.

Wellness First

If you’re feeling stagnant, dehydrated, unwell, and not moving enough, there is a fair chance your lymphatic system is compromised. You can be toxic and unaware.

So many people are suffering from a compromised lymphatic system and they don't know much about it.

We help many clients who have:

Why Consider Booking with chelsey jean lymphatics today?

A quick 15min consultation or full 1 hour, in-depth Naturopathic consultation where we dive deep into your medical history to discover what has brought you to where you are today.

With a body assessment, comprehensive Naturopathic consultation, life coaching and an individual plan you would pay $1000’s for.

We will take into consideration your time, your budget, your uniqueness, your motives, your fears, your loves and everything else that is needed to get your health back on track, naturally.

We will tell stories, draw pictures and educate you in ways needed to change your thought patterns and give you a deep understanding to why and where you currently stand with your health, right now.

This is your time to share in a safe and nurturing environment, where you are currently at in life. Feel free to be as open and raw as you are
comfortable with.

The fastest / best answers and results are achieved if we see and assess your body. Most of our treatments are intuitive with many options available.

We will chose from the following on what to include: full body measure and assessment, zinc test, urine chemistry, blood pressure, glucose test, iridology, lymphatic massage, remedial massage, reiki, goal setting, infra red treatment, CJ&CO Circulate, tens current, electrotherapy session, body type analysis, tongue analysis, the list is long.

You will leave with a clear outlined plan targeting your health concern with lifestyle advice you can implement straight away. I aim to discover as much information as possible up-front about you, in order to save you time and money in the long run, and enhance your understanding of your health